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Deemples is one of the fastest-growing golf app in Southeast Asia that allows you to find a golf partner to play with whenever and wherever you want. Join available games, or create your own and let other golfers join your games through Deemples. It’s like the Uber or Tinder for golfers. Why play with the same few friends, when you can expand your personal network or business contacts through Deemples.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, register for an account on Deemples, then start creating your golf rounds with your preferred playing date, golf course, tee time, number of players, and green fee. Once you’re done creating, invite your friends using the share button to your golf round so that they can join you easily whenever they can confirm participation!

Once you have a full group, give the club a call to reserve your tee time. You’d be amazed at the time you save rather than checking with friends one by one if they’re available for a round of golf!

There are different categories of golf apps:

  • Scoring/GPS apps – ie GolfShot, TheGrint, SwingU, Hole19, 18birdies, and many more. They focus on delivering a digital scorecard to you so that you can maintain your handicap and analyze your scores. The GPS feature also allows you to have an accurate distance to the green, in the event, there are no distance markers, or information from caddies are inaccurate. 
  • Tee time booking apps – ie GolfNow, TeeOff, Supreme Golf, Golfscape, Golfreserv, GolfDigg, GolfConnect24, GoGolf. They act as agents that negotiate a tee time from the golf course and sell it at a discount to golfers. 
  • Golfer matching apps – ie Deemples, and a few other new ones that have come up in other parts of the world, but are still new. Golfer matching apps helps golfers find each other so we can all get a game in.

  1. So that you can get golf games going more efficiently, hassle-free. Regardless of your friends can join you or not. No more waiting for friends to confirm, or trying to think who else might be available to join your game. 
  2. To expand your network. Playing with the same people over and over again gets boring, limits your networking opportunities, and hinders exposure to other awesome people who you might be able to meet on the golf course through Deemples
  3. Maintain a fair golf handicap for you and your friends. All golf scoring systems available in the market allow you to submit your own score. There is no check and balance to it, and therefore it’s hard to trust a golfer’s handicap when you meet them for the first time. The Deemples handicap system doesn’t allow you to submit your own scores but requires a minimum of 2 other golfers in your game to submit your scores before it will show and count for handicap calculation. 
  4. Be a part of a growing global golfers network. Every time you use Deemples, you are helping Deemples help more golfers golf more. Golf needs to be more inclusive, and less exclusive as how it was traditionally perceived, allowing more people to play together, and ultimately grow the game. The goal is so that every golfer in the world, can play whenever and wherever they want to, with a global network of golfers.

Deemples scoring platform doesn’t allow you to key in your own scores, making it the fairest handicap system available. At the end of your game, you can key in your playing partner’s adjusted gross scores after applying equitable stroke control, but you cannot key in your own scores.

Once you have at least 5 scores submitted by others on Deemples, the app will then calculate your handicap index and revise it every time a new score is submitted. This allows you to have a most trusted, peer-reviewed, peer-inputted, peer-approved handicap which you can apply to all your golf games.

Remember, the Deemples handicap is not sanctioned by any local or international golf association, so it won’t be valid to use for official tournaments. But you may definitely use it for your personal calculations, and hopefully one day everyone will learn to embrace the fairness and methodology of the Deemples handicap system.

There are 3 game types in Deemples: 

Occasionally, we blog about golf courses and do a short review on it so that golfers can understand it’s features, amenities, history, and rates. Every golf course has different characteristics and provides a different experience. It’s almost a different story for each golf course, and we’re always excited to tell these stories to our readers. So check out our blog if you want inspiration on the next golf course you play at, or want to have a new environment for a driving range.

Deemples does not act as an agent of the golf course. The rates are all provided by the golf course/game host directly. Deemples purely acts as a platform to facilitate the collection of these payments for the golf courses/game hosts.

Deemples Pay is a facility where golf courses/game hosts can accept payments online upfront. Rates are normally non-refundable but are cheaper than paying at the counter in person.

You can leave the game after joining it.

  • If you haven’t paid -> no problem.
  • If you have paid -> You can’t

Paying upfront allows you to get a preferential rate, nevertheless, it’s good practice to let golf course, golf host, and the other players know you’re coming for sure. If there’s a reason as to why you can’t make it on that day, you can request for a refund, but that is dependent on the refund policy of the game, golf course, and golf host. If you a request a refund from Deemples, Deemples will refund you with the appropriate amount as credits to your account. You can redeem these credits on your next game during checkout to get a discounted rate.
**Terms and conditions apply

Refunds are dependent on the golf course/game host.

Your payment history can be found under the Account tab. 

Any golf course with the label “Accepts payment”.

It will be FREE forever.

Help can be found in the “FAQ” section. If not, you can contact us through:

  • Submit a help request through our app
  • Send an email to us at hello@deemples.com
  • Message us on our Facebook page @deemplesgolf
  • Slide us a DM on Instagram @deemplesgolfapp

Deemples Reward program is an initiative by Deemples for golfers to earn credits by being active on the app. It rewards golfers with credits that they can later redeem in various ways on the app.

**Terms and conditions apply

Deemples Credits are credits that you earn through various ways on the app including making transactions and referrals. You can then redeem these credits to get discounts on all games that have an “Accepts Payment” label.

** Terms and conditions apply

  • You can earn Deemples credits by making a transaction on the app which basically means joining and paying for a game.
  • Moreover, you can earn credits through Deemples admins crediting your account with credits manually.
  • You’ll also be able to earn credits by referral. This is a new feature we are introducing where you’ll be able to refer your friends and earn credits when they join and pay for their first game on Deemples!

**Terms and conditions apply

You can redeem your credits in the checkout page after joining a game. Just slide the toggle to activate the use of your credits. You’ll get a discount based on the amount of credits you have! 1 credit = 1 RM.

**Terms and conditions apply

1:1 – 1 credit is the equivalent of 1 ringgit upon redemption. So for example, if you have 50 credits, you can use them to redeem 50 ringgits off your game.

**Terms and conditions apply

We launched a referral program on Deemples to reward golfers for bringing in more golfers to golf with onto Deemples. A golfer refers their golfer friend to Deemples using their referral link or code and then their referred friend signs up using the link or code and gets a reward (credits)! The referrer also gets a reward for referring their friend. You can view your rewarded credits in the Payment History section in the Account tab in the bottom navigation bar of the app.

You can find your referral link or code in the “Referral” tab in the bottom navigation bar of the app. Press on share link and choose your golfer friend and it will send them their sign up link! You can also just copy your code and have them use it in their sign up process. 

Your referred friend gets rewarded directly upon sign up and you, the referrer, get rewarded after your friend finishes their first golf round on Deemples! You can view your rewarded credits in the Payment History section in the Account tab in the bottom navigation bar of the app. 

Anyone on the app can refer their golfer friends to the app if they have never played a game on Deemples. If you are an existing user on Deemples who already played games, you won’t be eligible to be referred but you can always refer your other golfer friends (who have not played a game on Deemples) and get rewarded! 

P.S. If you signed up on Deemples but have never played a game you can still use your friend’s code to get credits! You’re eligible to be referred as long as you have never played a game on Deemples

No, we don’t have an expiration date on your credits. 

If you didn’t manage to enter the code when signing up, you can enter the code under the referral tab. Just scroll down a bit, you’ll find a section below to enter referral code. 

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