How To Meet Golfers in Your Area?

What is the best way to find your golf partners? How to meet golfers in your area? There are a few questions that a lot of golfers have been asking but never found the answer. However, what if we told you that we might have the best solution for you? Wouldn’t that be great? The solution would be by using the Deemples golf app. Why is that? Let us explain to you below. Read on.


How can Deemples help you meet golfers in your area?

Well, that’s easy because finding golf partners for you is what Deemples specialises on. Meaning, the Deemples app connects you and other golfers – no matter where you are. So, if you are looking to meet golfers in your area, simply create a game through Deemples and other Deemples users in your area can join you. You can then start playing golf together and meet golfers in your area in no time – even if you are new to the area. Most users on Deemples started off as strangers, but the app allows them to golf together and starts making friends. So no worries, we got your back if you’re in need to find golf partners.


Do we have proof that Deemples helps you meet golfers in your area?

Of course, we do, but don’t take our word for it. Check out what other golfers have been saying about Deemples below.


1. We have actives user in Indonesia.


Thanks to @gadingrayagolf for sharing Deemples at the club. It allowed these 4 players to get a game going this morning! Now they got a game plus made new friends!


2. Men and women golfing together? No problemo.


Seri Selangor, great game, great flightmates! Thanks, Deemples..!💖


3. We have Deemples gathering sessions too.


A small but intimate group at our first ever Deemples Golf Gathering in Indonesia. Thanks to Sentul Highlands Golf Club for hosting and delivering an exceptional service, even though it was just the 6 of us playing. Played some golf, ate some food, and most importantly, made some new friends! There are many more games on Deemples that you can join, or create a new one and let others join you.


4. Sometimes there are also golf deals provided to our active users.


Best deal with Deemples app for Merdeka Day golf in the morning. Can’t complain @ MYR 150!


5. Just play for fun with your new golf partners.


No Stress Just For Fun at Danau Golf today with new friends! 


6. Sometimes you can meet with the pros and make friends with them.


Tee off at Danau UKM Golf Club with pros and friends, get to meet new golfers as well. Great game!

So, how’s that? Need more proof? Check our Facebook Page for more fun stories. By the way,  most of the above golfers were strangers to begin with, but with the Deemples golf app, they managed to connect with each other and meet golfers in their area with ease. We encourage you to try out the Deemples golf app today NOW. Especially, if you are still struggling to find your golf partners or trying to meet golfers in your area.

P.S. Deemples will continue to help golfers golf whenever, wherever they want, one market at a time, and hopefully can grow the golf industry to 100 million golfers worldwide, instead of the current 60m. If you’re in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia or Philippines, get your game going anytime on the Deemples golf app!

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