There is no denying that a lot of business people like to play golf. If you’ve ever been to a golf course or driving range you know that already.

You could say, chances are – 33.33% (or 1 in every 3) golfers there are into or doing some kind of business.

So why is it a popular sport for business owners?

Today, we’re going to answer that question and highlight some of the benefits of golf for businesses (that you may or may not know about).

And if you’re in business, how you can use it to your advantage.

Ready to tee-off? Let’s go!

No. 1 – Huge Potential for Business & Networking.

golf ball being picked up by business people

It’s no surprise that a lot of business is done on the golf course. Golf provides the player with an enormous opportunity to build huge networks of friends.

From those small circles, you get to know more and more people.

You can just show up at a club and get a game. Depending on your business, you could be looking at three prospects every time you tee it up!

I guess this is where Deemples can help you meet other golfers and foster new relationships based on golf.

No. 2 – Grow Your Circle of Friends.

women golfer bending over to look to maneuver green

Sometimes just having an interest in golf alone can be enough to blossom your friendships several gears up the corporate ladder (maybe)

Best of all, the friendships built around golf tend to last for life. So as you make friends and people move around, new opportunities will open up for you.

No. 3 – Solid Quality Time.

business people at the green

Where else can you spend solid quality time with your valued clients? With today’s hectic schedules most of us are lucky if we can get five minutes!

A golf swing takes 5 seconds, so in a game you take about 500 seconds swinging, but a golf game takes on average 4 hours to finish. What are you doing the rest of the time that you’re not swinging.

There is really no other sport with a significant amount of quiet time between shots that allows for wide-ranging conversations and common interests to be discovered. That – for business people, is gold.

No. 4 – Relaxing Surrounding.

golf course scenic view

This is uniquely golf, you can plan a meeting in right smack in the middle of being surrounded by water, nature, and sand instead of four white walls.

If this doesn’t instantly create a more relaxed and friendly environment in which to do business, I don’t know what will.

No. 5 – Character Preview for Golf for Business.

bunker shot by golfer

You can learn a lot about a person in four hours golfing than in a lifetime of meetings. Why?

You’ll get that from what they say, how they (business people) handle themselves on the course and whether do they play by the rules and manage their emotions.

Or do they easily irritated and blow a fuse?

No. 6 – It’s for All Ages.

business people at the golf fairway

I guess it’s one of the sports that suits all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Thanks to the handicap system, people of widely different abilities can play together and still compete.

So the 60-something CEO can still beat his 30-something prospect or employee, while the 30-something executive can look forward to decades of on-course meetings and deals.

Try doing that on the badminton court!

No. 7 – After Game Opportunity.

business people watching on tee-off golf

After your round, going to have drinks or restaurants provide the perfect setting to take your newly enhanced relationship to the next level

For business people, this is the perfect opportunity to go ahead and ask for the order!

No. 8 – Gifting 101 Suitable for Golf for Business.

business people playing golf at break of dawn

When someone is a golfer it’s easy to give a small gift that makes an impact. A golf book or logoed hat or towel from a popular brand can quickly and inexpensively enhance a relationship.

No. 9 – Great Social Life – Golf for Business.


This is, of course, is totally up to you. Some people play golf with a small circle of friends and maybe have that drink afterwards.

Or you can join a golf club if you wish and you will then have the opportunity to attend regular social functions, prize giving awards, parties, away days, club matches etc.

Alternatively, you can join a golf society whether you are a member of a club or not, a lot of pubs/clubs/social groups have a golf society.

No. 10 – Win-win Health Benefits.

business people playing golf holding flag at the green

Most golf courses average around 6000 + yards in length and when you add the walks between the tee’s and greens and a bit of zig-zagging up the fairway ( yep we all do that ) you can end up walking up to 4 miles.

This is all done in the fresh air at a leisurely pace providing a very healthy combination of walking, muscular activity and social interaction.

The benefits don’t stop there either, on top of the physical benefits golf can improve self-esteem, confidence and can reduce stress levels.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine has reported that a study carried out in Sweden in 2016 on 300,000 golfers and non-golfers showed golfers live 5 years longer than those who don’t play golf. Now if that’s not a good reason to play then I don’t know what is.

No. 11 – Character Building Golf for Business.


This is where traditionally you’re told that golf is a really difficult game and that it’s incredibly frustrating. Well, the truth is with a bit of guidance and a bit of practice anyone can learn to hit a golf ball.

Once you can hit it you just keep practising until you hit it a bit further and a bit straighter, the more you practice the better you get.

That said sometimes it just doesn’t all go to plan and that’s where the challenge comes in, when it’s not going well it can feel like you will never play well again but you will.

Maybe you will need to take a couple of lessons from a professional. Maybe a quick tip from one of your golfing partners will solve it or maybe it will just come back as quick as it went for no apparent reason.

Whatever happens, you will have learned from it and will be better equipped to deal with a bad round if and when it happens again.

If you happen to be in business and looking for ways to grow your network by meeting new friends and acquaintances. Then try Deemples today!

Thanks for reading!

* Inspired by: 10 Reasons To Play Golf: Why So Many People Play & 10 Reasons Golf Will Always Be the Ultimate Business Tool!

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