Malaysians are now free from being stuck at home due to the lockdown. What once seemed like a farfetched dream to want to play golf during the pandemic is now celebrated more than ever. Golf courses are now wide open. No more staring at your clubs every day hoping that golf courses will open soon. Although some precautions should still be taken, everything else for the most part is now back to normal. Here are a couple of reasons why golf is the best sport in 2022.

As we all know, generic sports like basketball and football are played in teams and groups. However, there are many other sports that come with the luxury of being done alone or with a small group of people. Plus, less physical contact is required which is always a plus these days. Sports such as:

  • Golf
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Fishing

Why Golf Is The Best Sport Ever In 2022

1. No Physical Contact Required

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Although lockdown and PKPs are a thing of the past, Covid on the other hand is not. Sure, we are now free to live our normal lives similar to how it was before covid happened but it’s always good to stay cautious. Without physical contact with others, the chances of contracting the virus would be significantly lower. The ultimate battle in golf is the game you are playing against the course. Not your flight mates or friends. Nonetheless, you can golf alone if that’s what you choose but how is that enjoyable compared to playing with friends? Being able to socialize is the beauty of golf. The banter and conversations with your buddies are priceless and it is the reason why golf is popular among sociable people.

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2. Playing With People

Social Distancing Golf
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Unlike other sports that require a team of over 10 players, golf is a single-player sport for a few like-minded people. The best part about golf is the freedom of choosing to play with people that you genuinely care about and not being forced to work as a team with people you may not blend well with. After all, golf is a sport that gets better with the right people and the right conversations. Not only that, some people may sarcastically argue why golf is not a sport but instead a gathering that happens to include a swinging motion or two. This goes to show how vital golfing with the right people is.

3. Walking

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One of the reasons why golf is popular is the vastness of the course. Unlike other sports, golf requires you to quite literally travel from one hole to another. Sure, buggies help a lot with that but people often overlook how great walking can be as an alternative. When you are walking, you do not need to worry about having buggies that others have used. Not only that, walking is amazing for weight loss and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. This, in some way, puts golf on par with other intense sports such as football and running.

4. Post-Game Food and Drinks

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Commonly known as the 19th hole, one thing to remember here is that lunch or dinner after golf is NOT considered playing golf. One of the reasons is just to complement the round with your buddies by having food and drinks after. Also, this ritual can be great for building businesses and networking with new people. Think of golf as the ice breaker and post-game drinks as a time when business deals are made. This proves that post-golf treats can be an amazing outlet for entrepreneurs to take a step towards a new venture. This goes to show why golf is popular among business owners and entrepreneurs.

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5. Health Benefits

Health Benefits In Golf
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Why is golf a lifetime sport? Well, we have to remember that although golf is a niche sport, it is still a sport nonetheless. Besides hitting the ball, you are constantly walking on the course. The average distance of an 18-hole golf course is 7200 yards. This takes approximately 4 hours to complete. This is one of the benefits of golf for youth who are always fixated on playing video games indoors.

Golf is good for your heart. Not in that romantic way, unless you are in love with the sport then that is a plus. It reduces heart risks as you are walking at an average of 10,000 steps in an 18-hole round. Studies show that walking an average of 2.5 hours per day can help reduce the risk of heart attacks by 30% – 40%. 

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6. Great Time to Socialize 

Socializing In Golf
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Between every shot, there’s always a time when you are walking up to the next shot or to the green you are able to talk to your buddies. This really forges a connection between you and your flight mates. Enjoyable conversations and relaxing moments without stressing about other aspects of life. 

Some people even use it to network. It allows you to talk to potential business partners on the course. In a twisted way, you are kinda stuck with the others for 4 hours of golf. There are bound to be chances to talk about business opportunities and share ideas.

7. Mastering the Golf Swing

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Golf is not exactly an easy sport. In fact, there are so many reasons as to why golf is the most difficult sport. Right off the bat, it takes dedication and commitment to learn how to golf. There are countless technical aspects to look at in a swing. Golfers usually get addicted to the sport because they want to be good at it. Most people get sucked into it after hitting one good shot as you get a surge of adrenaline when you hear that crisp shot is intoxicating. 

The goal is to be able to replicate that perfect shot on demand. When you hit a bad shot, you want to hit again to hit a good one. When you hit a good shot, you want to repeat that. It’s a never-ending cycle. Hence the addiction. 

Anybody can learn golf. No matter your gender or age. You could always look for a coach to guide you earlier on. Sure, there are countless reasons why golf is the hardest sport but that does not mean it’s impossible. Just like all sports, golf gets fun the more you learn to play.

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8. Variety and Versatility

Kauri Cliffs Golf
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What’s not to love about golf? You are never stuck with one golf course. This is golf, a luxury sport. So, there are so many golf courses around the world that you can play in and you can always play at a new course when you want to. Each golf course offers its own unique challenges and rewards different styles of approach to excel at them. 

In addition, you can choose to play 9-holes or 18-holes depending on how much time you want to play. Golf clubs like Bukit Utama offer that choice. Sometimes you want to have a cheeky 9-hole game after work and you can! 

Format of play is also something you can decide to play with your buddies! Stroke play is the most common format that is used in tournaments. However, you could have a match play round with your buddies where you count scores based on the holes you win. Total strokes do not affect the score in that way. 

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Finally, you could choose who to play with whenever you want! There are days you might reserve for playing with your family like your parents or siblings. Some other days you want to play with your friends from work. 


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