Deemples Monthly Medal September 2020

Deemples Monthly Medal September 2020 Winners🏅

14 out of 113 participants in the Sept 2020 Deemples Monthly Medal played under par. With a competition that’s open month-long, we’d definitely be seeing some low scores!

Results of September 2020 Monthly Medal:

To top the list is Denon Pereira with a killer net 56 at Seri Selangor Golf Club on 18 Sept 2020, smashing it with a gross of 76.😮 His previous best score at Seri Selangor was 82, 6 strokes more!

There was chatter across the golfing community on how this incredibly low score came about, so we reached out to Denon to find out more on his experience of his best day ever!

Denon describes himself as an aggressive golfer, so scores are always with high variance, either he blows the game or does very well.

Denon’s Testimonial on his Amazing Score: 🏌️

“I’m still in disbelief” Denon said “I guess I was lucky at the right time. It was an amazing round of golf. To my surprise this is the lowest I’ve scored on a tough course like this. The weather was beautiful and my flight mates were both supportive and gave me positive vibes throughout the game. Thank you James Ong and Vinsern Liew for their encouragement. They are better golfers than I am and gave many good pointers on that day. It was just one of the good days when things happen just right, like seeing a shooting star. Thank you Deemples for the opportunity to expand my friendship with my fellow golfers.”

Denon only had 5 scores submitted going into this game, all in the 90s, and the lowest adjusted gross score was a 93 at Nilai Springs. Based on USGA handicapping rules, when you have 5 scores you only use the 1 lowest differential * 0.96 to calculate your handicap index, which gave him a 20 course handicap from the blues at Seri Selangor that day. If you want to find out more about how a golf handicap is calculated and submitted via Deemples: https://deemples.com/golf-handicap-score-submission/

Right after his stellar performance of 76 gross, his handicap index has now dropped to 2.9. “This is definitely not something I can play to! haha” Denon said, but totally understands that the handicap index will even out as more scores are submitted.

We are very happy for Denon’s win, and congratulate him on his performance! I’m sure his flight mates and caddy had an amazing time witnessing this, and hope he can repeat it again someday! 🙂

More Awesome Performances of September Monthly Medal: 🤩

We had other amazing scores too at Seri Selangor. Zack Mishon came in 2nd with a net 62 also at Seri Selangor, Jazz Kong with a net 63 for 3rd at Kota Seriemas, Leon Dabrowski with a net 64 for 4th also at Seri Selangor, and wrapping up the top 5 is Wei Jie Yew with a net 67 at Kinrara Golf Club.

All these 5 golfers win a box of Gutty soft feel balls sponsored by Gutty!

The next 30 players win an RM30 voucher for their next game at Selesa Resort, within the month of Oct 2020. So for all the winners of this prize, at your next game at Selesa, just state in the notes to host when joining the game on Deemples, that you are a Sept 2020 Deemples Monthly Medal winner, and the club will send you a quote minus RM30! 😀

If you haven’t tried this very relaxing golf course yet, you should! One of the very few golf courses in Malaysia that allow visitors to walk all 18 holes, in a cool climate! You can check out more about Selesa Resort here: https://deemples.com/selesa-hill-golf-resort/.

Finally, ALL players who participated in the Sept 2020 Deemples Monthly Medal, wins a 50% off voucher for selected items on Be Golf Pro. An email with promo code details will be sent out to all participants, so watch out for the email (same email that’s registered to your Deemples account).

Another amazing gross score (even lower than Denon’s) that we wanted to celebrate is from 少瑀 張. 少瑀 張 playing off scratch, hit a gross 75 at Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort just one day after Denon’s 76 on the 19th Sept 2020. Coming in at 31st place, we look forward to seeing more of 少瑀 張’s amazing rounds in the next few months! 🙂

We will be taking a break from the Deemples Monthly Medal for a few months whilst working on more new and exciting programs for golfers. Meanwhile, don’t stop submitting your hole by hole scores, as sponsors might come on board to give away prizes for your performance. But most importantly, so that you can track your performance and have an accurate handicap as you go along your golfing journey.

Till the next post! 🏌️

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