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Selesa Hill & Golf Resort

13 July 2020

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Don’t let the name fool you. Selesa comes from the Malay word ‘comfortable’. Whilst the environment is super comfortable not to mention beautiful with cooling weather, the golf course is a monster! Monster in a sense there was a Korean professional golfer that came here one time to stay for 3 days to “conquer” it.

From these pictures you can tell the golf course is a mix of Bukit Unggul, Perangsang Templer (currently already shut), and Monterez. Narrow fairways, lotsa trees lining the sides, and in the forest on a hill.

Selesa started as a 9 hole golf course in 1988, and then over the years, another 9 holes came up. Today it’s a full par 72 golf course that’s only about 5500M long from the blue tees. There are trees lining up both sides of the fairways and lotsa water above. A lot of the times you cannot see the water as it’s sitting in the pond/mini-lake above you!


Only a 35 min drive from downtown KL, closer than Bukit Tinggi and Awana, because roads are windy and hilly, do make sure you’re not sleepy while driving as the roads need your full attention!

The entrance, car park, and registration counters are modest. No big luxurious club house, just register, take your buggy or trolley and go. You even have the option of carrying your own bag and walk 18 holes, which is what I did. Make sure you’re fit enough for it, since there are a lot of inclines, as the name suggests, the golf course IS on a hill.

The conditions of the course is not in the best shape when this post is written, but major works are being done to restore tee boxes, fairways and greens to a playable condition.

Hence do take advantage of amazing prices now. You can get additional benefits when you secure your slots upfront on Deemples. Buggies are limited at the moment, so do secure slots before you head there.

Selesa will be investing more in the golf course and buggies soon, to accommodate the growing number of golfers at the golf course. Watch out for more games there on Deemples!

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