Deemples Monthly Medal

During this COVID-19 pandemic, competitive golf has to evolve. No more mass gatherings for large competition days, no more post-game celebration where we all gather for prize presentations. Deemples, the leading social platform for golfers, brings to you a new competition format. True to its roots, starting from helping golfers find games to play anytime and anywhere, to now letting golfers compete anytime and anywhere.

Introducing the all new Deemples Monthly Medal. Instead of coming together at one single golf course once a month, you can now play anytime and at any golf course you want. Just get your scores submitted by 2 other players in your game, and your best net for the month will be in the running to win the Deemples Monthly Medal.

Number of prizes and what they are, will be updated during the course of the month, so you’re not playing only for prizes, but for glory. Start too late, and miss the opportunity of getting a good round in. Get a good round in late, and well, lucky you!

Deemples Monthly Medal

  • Flexible golf competitions
  • Social distancing, no large group gathering
  • Play anywhere, anytime during the month
  • Get scores submitted, prizes for best net


1. Create or join any games on Deemples

Yep, there are no fixed competition days or venues. Just pick a golf course you want to play at, then create a game there on Deemples, or join an existing game on the app, anytime during the month!


2. After each game, submit tournament scores for your group on Deemples

Most Deemples users are already familiar with submitting scores on Deemples for handicapping purposes. For handicaps, you just need to submit 1) adjusted gross score 2) course rating, and 3) slope rating of your playing partner.

But for the Deemples Monthly Medal, you would also need to submit tournament scores of your playing partners, which are their hole by hole scores. That way we can calculate their gross score, and net scores by subtracting their course handicap.

3. The leaderboard will be updated weekly on the Deemples blog, email, and social media.

We always want you to be the most updated on your current standings. So you know if you can chill for a bit, or play more, to get a better round in! The leaderboard will be sorted by the lowest to highest net scores!

4. Prizes will be given out to low net scores for the month.

We’ll announce the winners and the entire leaderboard at the end of the month on a blog post, email, and also all our social media platforms. So that you and ALL your friends know that you have won!


  • Minimum 3 players per game for score submission
  • At least 2 people to submit the exact same data for scores to show and count for competition and handicap.
  • You need 5 scores submitted to get a Deemples handicap
  • Handicap calculations are based on USGA rules
  • Only Deemples handicap used for Deemples Monthly Medals
  • Play as many times as you want, your best net will be used for the competition
  • Valid for golfers playing at any golf course available in Deemples.


  • If you do not get email updates, do make sure the email registered to your Deemples account is accurate.
  • If there are golf courses you’d like to play at that are not available on Deemples, submit a request to add.

Prizes from sponsors:

We are very lucky to have supportive sponsors on board to kick off this beta version of Deemples Monthly Medal in June 2020. Crest Link is a well known Malaysian golfing apparel and accessories brand that delivers quality products at exceptional value. Be Golf Pro is Malaysia’s largest online golf retailer that brings the golf retail experience to your home. Dalmore is a premium whiskey brand with years and years of experience in delivering the best blends of whiskey to its customers.

***Prize list will be updated as we go along. Some prizes require shipping fees to get to your destination country.

Start golfing and participating now!🏌️

If you want to know how to submit score in the Deemples golf app, then do read this article “Golf Handicap Score Submission”.

Reach out to hello@deemples.com if you have any questions on the Deemples Monthly Medal or any handicapping issues.




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