Deemples Monthly Medal July 2020

Deemples Monthly Medal July 2020 Winners🏅

The results are out for the July 2020 Monthly Medal.🤩 A total of 2519 rounds of golf played last month and 127 rounds have submitted scores successfully for the Deemples Monthly Medal. There were some golfers who participated as many as 5 times! Thank you for your support. 🙏

Some interesting stats for the July 2020 Deemples Monthly Medal –

  • 127 people participated, 1 from Indonesia!
  • Record-breaking 2500 rounds played!
  • Zamry killed it with net 63 before half the month was up!
  • The first 17 places were under net 70!
  • Jason Kok had the best net (67) for an under-20 (19) course handicap!
  • There were only 2 single handicappers that participated – KC Lee in 16th place with net 69, and Yu-Jin Saw in 65th place with net 80!
  • 47 people played without a Deemples handicap!
  • Lowest gross was Edly Seth with a stellar 77 gross!
  • Most number of submissions was from Impian Golf & Country Club with 32 rounds submitted!

Without further ado, the results for the July 2020 Deemples Monthly Medal:

Zamry Nordin held his lead with a fantastic net 63 since 12th July, and is the winner of the July 2020 Deemples Monthly Medal! 🏆 He played a gross of 91, with a handicap of 28 at Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club.

Jessie Pan takes the 2nd place, playing an AMAZING net 64 at Kinrara Golf Club on Wednesday 15 July. In 3rd place, we have Kapitan Pat with net 64 as well. Both of them tied at net 64 but with a back 6 net score of Jessie’s 21 vs Kapitan’s 25, Jessie takes the 2nd place and Kapitan is on 3rd.

In 4th position, we see Ho TM with net 65 at Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam, a solid gross 89 for him with a course handicap of 24! Hanis Hasanuddin and Sunkyun Kim both tied with net 66. But with a back 9 net score of Hanis’s 29 vs Sunkyun’s 30, Hanis takes the 5th place and Sunkyun is on 6th.

Note on rules and tie breakers:

Because of so many participants and also a solid handicap system, there are bound to be many ties. Tiebreakers use the USGA format to compare the back 9 net score. If the back 9 net is still tied, we use the back 6 net, back 3 net, and finally back 1 net to determine the winner.

More info on tiebreakers here: http://golfsoftware.com/learn/usga-tie-breaker.html

Congratulations once again to everyone. Because of the profusion of prizes, everyone who participated gets a prize. If you’re a winner, emails have been sent to your email registered to your Deemples account. If you haven’t received your email, check spam, or check if your Deemples email is valid.

Thanks to our awesome sponsors for the prizes Crest Link, Be Golf Pro, adidas, Dalmore, Genetic Golf Supply Co, and GoodGameGolf!

August 2020 Medal is already underway, prizes for August will be announced shortly on our blog at https://deemples.com/blog. So what are you waiting for, start participating, and get those scores submitted!

Good luck, and play well!🏌️

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