A golf handicap is a good representation of a player’s potential, not the average. There are a few handicap systems in the world. More than 50% of the world uses the USGA handicap system, which is also adopted by the Malaysian, Singapore, and Indonesian golf associations.

There are no issues with the way the handicaps are calculated. There are, however, issues with the way scores are submitted and opportunities of manipulation.

Currently, with most golf associations, scores are either submitted:

  • Manually, by dropping a scorecard into the scorecard box
  • Electronically, by submitting via an app/website/scanner machine at the club

Both ways are done by the player themselves, and there is no way to know if the scores are verified by another marker.

Deemples Handicap Submission System

To solve and preserve the legitimacy, and authenticity of a player’s golf handicap, Deemples requires a player’s score to be submitted by a MINIMUM OF 2 OTHER PLAYERS that submit similar data for that player.

For each game, you need a minimum of 2 other players to submit your scores (and they have to be identical) for it to show and count for both handicap and results. Once you have a minimum of 5 valid scores submitted, your handicap index will show.


Fields that are required for a golf handicap:

While course ratings and slope ratings can be easily found on the scorecard, adjusted gross scores are slightly more complicated.

Adjusted Gross Score

Adjusted gross scores take into account Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) where the maximum allowable score per hole is dependent on a player’s course handicap.

Course handicap = slope rating / 113 * handicap index.

Course HandicapMaximum allowable score per hole
9 and belowDouble bogey
40 and above10


I have a course handicap of 17, and I have a gross score of 95. I had 1 hole where I got a 10, and another hole with an 8. My maximum allowable score is a 7 based on my course handicap. I have to reduce 4 strokes, and my adjusted gross score is 91. My gross score still maintains at 95.

  • 95 = my gross score, is used to calculate my net score.
  • 91 = my adjusted gross score, is used to calculate my handicap.

Deemples Score Submission System to show Results

The purest form of golf competitions are usually played on a stroke play format. If handicaps are in play, then:

Gross score – course handicap = Net score

Hole by hole gross score submission

Total gross score submissions are sufficient. However, if course handicaps are accurate, then there are usually quite a few tied net scores. The USGA tiebreak method is to use the last 9 holes net score, and if still tied, then the last 6 holes net score, if still tied then the last 3 holes net score, and if still tied then the last 1 hole net score.


For this, we require golfers to submit hole by hole gross scores instead of the sum. So that tiebreakers can be done automatically by Deemples.

Game Results: Automated

Kuala Lumpur Golfers Club Using Deemples Results Feature For Their Games!!!

The results sorted by the lowest net and lowest gross will then be displayed on a Results tab in the game menu. This saves the organizer a ton of time, and we hope it will be beneficial for golf event organizers and golf clubs everywhere in the world.

For more information on how to use this for your golf club/society/event: hello@deemples.com.

If u want to learn more about how a USGA golf handicap is calculated, click here.

How to Submit Scores on Deemples?👇