A person who has never played golf before would never know the experience of actually learning the game and the perks that come with the sport. The game itself has a very steep learning curve. The journey has its ups and downs but it is a very rewarding one. This serves as a complete guide for beginners golf courses and resorts to start their game.

The opportunities to visit beautiful courses all around the world to play your favorite sport. It is truly an experience, unlike any other sport. All the courses differ and offer challenges of their own. Depending on the region or country you are in the conditions would affect the game as well. Golf will not disappoint!

The Golfing Journey

Golf Beginner’s Guide

A Guide To Golf For Beginners

There is a notion that golf is a rich man’s sport. These are the more traditional perspectives toward the game where the rich and upper class play it. However, in modern times it should not have that reputation as it is available to everyone. Yes, some people might believe that it is an expensive sport but it really is not as expensive as you think it is, read about it here at how much golf costs

Beginning your golfing journey, you would basically need golf clubs and a place to practice at. The golf clubs you require would include:

  • Driver
  • Fairway Wood
  • Irons
  • Putter

Golf Lessons

Jimmy Ong Coaching
Jimmy Ong Coach At Palm Garden (Deemples)

The driving range is a great place for golfers to start learning how to swing the club. If you want to learn fast, you can look for golf coaches around golf courses or driving ranges near you. Another alternative is to learn online, there are numerous online coaches that do remote coaching and some that put up videos on Youtube. 

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Andy and Piers Meandmygolf
Source: Meandmygolf

Golf is a very rewarding sport. Nothing beats the feeling of hitting the ball crisply off the center of the clubface and sinking a long putt. It is not going to be an easy journey because there will be times you hit a very very bad shot that will crush your confidence. Don’t let that bring you down, keep your head up and look forward to the next shot! 

Be mentally strong and you will gradually improve as long as you are willing to keep trying! 

Best Golf Courses for Beginners

Golf courses are where you develop and hone your golf skills. These are basically the stadiums in the golfing world where golfers test themselves. Most complete golf courses have at least 18-holes and the average golf course is 6,700 yards. However, some golf courses have only 9-holes. The average round of 18 takes approximately 4 hours to finish. 

Throughout the golf course, there will be many different types of holes such as Par 3’s, par 4’s, and Par 5’s depending on the length of the hole. Some holes have big doglegs and some have water hazards and sand traps. Each is designed to make it tougher for you to score. 

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This is the beauty of golf, there are no holes or courses that are similar. Even if the design is somewhat similar, there are many factors that can change the playing conditions such as the weather and the lie. 

Being out at a golf course feels like going out for a walk or a hike with the additional element of hitting the golf ball. You are out in nature and you take in the beauty of the natural setting around you. Some courses are at valleys around mountains, some in a parkland style, and some along the ocean. So much diversity in one sport. On top of that, it offers various health benefits to be out playing golf. 

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Best Golf Resorts for Beginners

There are many golf resorts that are situated all around the world. Many are in scenic locations. These resorts do not just offer you the chance at a relaxing vacation but also a chance to play at a magnificent golf course. 

Besides the stunning architectural design of luxurious villas and golfing, there are countless entertainments included at these resorts. Most family-friendly so you as a golfer can bring your family there. While the kids are enjoying their time at the pool and your partner is taking a relaxing lie down beside it, you can happily play a round of golf. It is a win-win vacation for you and your family! If your whole family plays golf then it is even better! It could be a family event at the course and enjoy the amenities at the resort after! 

You can find out the Best Golf Resorts in the world here to find out where you want to travel next! 

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Summary Of The Guide To Golf For Beginners

This is what you can expect when you become a golfer. The endless opportunities to visit beautiful courses and golf resorts around the world. In addition to that, you get to constantly improve your game and meet new people while playing!

Hopefully, this guide to golf for beginners helps you understand more about the sport. Golf is definitely a rewarding sport that has various benefits to it like health and social benefits!

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