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Golf Booking on Deemples

15 August 2019

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We have all wondered how does Deemples make money? How does the team survive? Is this all just for passion or charity?

We’re here to help you answer some of those questions since you have been with us along our journey. First of all thank you for using Deemples, without your support we wouldn’t be able to get to where we are today.

Deemples Monthly Medal at Kinrara Golf Course – Your Support Matters!!!

Golf Booking On Deemples

In the next few months, you might see a few changes in terms of design, flow, and a payment method. Currently, we help golfers find each other for golf games, but as we progress it is only natural we help golfers do more.

Why Payment System?

We understand the pain that golfers face when they have to line up to make payment before the game. We also understand the frustration when golfers that joined the game don’t show up.

This hurts both golfers and golf courses. Golfers because they had to wait for the no-show golfer to not show up, and might incur single rider surcharges for buggies and caddies. Golf courses because this revenue was never secure until the golfer showed up.

Because of this, in the next few months, we’ll roll out a payment system where after you join the game at participating golf courses, the golf course would quote you your price, and you can make a payment to the club via Deemples to confirm your slot.

Pricing of the Payment System?

This price would be dictated by the golf course and would normally be lower than if you paid at the counter. (Just like how paying at the counter for a flight ticket would be way more expensive than buying upfront online).

What’s in it for Deemples?

To be transparent, Deemples will be accepting a small processing fee from this transaction. So that we can continue improving our product, and delivering the best user experience for golfers.

Deemples will not be charging users a fee for usage of the app. So if you’re using it to find games at non-participating golf courses, you will still be able to use Deemples as usual. And payment can be made directly at the club.

We look forward to this golf booking on Deemples feature as much as you would be. Update you all more soon.

Good luck to us! Thank you.

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