For new golfers, getting to know the game of golf can be a bit intimidating sometimes. There are lots of unwritten rules and different things that you should and shouldn’t do while playing golf. But getting started shouldn’t be that scary. There are a few basic rules with which you can get familiar with to understand golf more gradually. So we are going to talk about Golf 101: Basics of Golfing You Should Know.

Golf 101: Basics of Golfing

Rule – 1: Check Your Golf Clubs!!!

Check Your Golf Clubs!!!

You can carry 14 clubs in your golf bag. These 14 clubs can be the combination of any golf clubs according to your need. You can carry less but make sure you have checked the contents before you start, otherwise it may cost you penalty strokes for every hole.

Rule – 2: Finish A hole With One Particular Ball

You have to finish a hole with one particular ball. You can only change the ball after finishing one hole. Nevertheless, if you lose a ball during the game you can then only use another ball to play.

Rule – 3: Watch Out For The Tee Markers

Tee Up Behind The Line Marked By The Tee Markers

Make sure to tee up behind the line marked by the tee markers. Normally white is for men beginners, blue is for men and red is for ladies. You can tee it up anywhere between the two markers.

Rule – 4: If Your Ball Falls!!!

If your ball falls (not literally!) off the tee before you swing, it will not count as a shot. You have to put the ball back. Be aware of the lame jokes- someone may crack a joke and say ‘one’.

However, if you swing and miss the ball that will count as one shot. Anything that happens after an intentional swing, whether or not the ball moves, will be counted as one shot.

Rule – 5: Play The Ball As It Lies!!!

Play The Ball As It Lies!!!

Try to hit the ball with one strike. Scooping is not permitted. Strike the ball which is still, don’t strike the moving one. Play the ball as it lies.

Rule – 6: Identify Your Ball Correctly!

Identify Your Ball Correctly!

While you’re playing make sure that you can identify your ball correctly (Must!). Otherwise, for hitting the wrong ball you will get a penalty of 2 strokes.

Rule – 7: Playing At The Water Hazard

If you are playing at the water hazard, you have three options:

  • Go to the designated selected drop area. (you may not find this in every hazard)
  • Spot the place where your ball last crossed the water hazard. Drop as far back as you wish from that place and the pin. Also called Back-on-the-line.
  • You can also play next ball by dropping the ball to the nearest spot where you played the last stroke. Called stroke-and-distance. Also, you can re-tee if it was your first shot.

Rule – 8: Unplayable Ball? Then What???

After hitting the ball if it comes to stop in a position that you think is unplayable, you will have three options:

  • You can either hit another ball from the previous point, with 1 stroke penalty. Called stroke-and-distance.
  • You can drop a ball behind the unplayable line, with 1 stroke penalty.
  • Or, you may drop the ball within two club length either side of the unplayable side as you like, with 1 stroke penalty.

Rule – 9: Do Not Disturb!!!

Do Not Disturb!!!

Be quiet while someone is preparing for their shot. Don’t make noise or talk to anyone while others are hitting. It breaks their concentration.

Rule – 10: Only 3 Minutes!!!

3 Minutes To Find The Ball!!!

You will get only three minutes to search for a lost ball. The time will start counting when you will start looking for the ball. After 3 minutes the ball will consider lost.


Hopefully, you found “Golf 101: Basics of Golfing” interesting yet informative. Don’t be scared to start golfing, just do it! You need to practice more and play golf more.

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