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Deemples raises US$350k for growth!

22 October 2020

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After a very quick 2 weeks, our equity crowdfunding campaign has successfully closed. We raised US$345k from 59 investors, mainly Deemples users. So we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone, not just those who participated financially, but those also who cheered on, shared, and supported us during the campaign period, which ended on 23 Sept 2020.

We are blessed to have come this far, and want to thank all who believed in the Deemples vision. We work closely with golf courses to make golf more digitally accessible to golfers, and at the same time help golfers find each other so that we can all golf more.

It wasn’t easy from the start. Most of us golfers have used Deemples, and in the beginning there weren’t many games. But over time, and with very persistent and supportive golfers, who continuously posted and hosted games, regardless if people joined or not. Golfers slowly started to learn about the app more, and now have become the de-facto platform to organise all your golf games and maintain your handicap.

Thank you for continuously using! It’s because of you all that we’re still here building new features and serving even more golfers.

Then to all golf courses who understand the importance of embracing technologies to cater to the shift to digital consumption. Thank you for providing the opportunity for us to enhance your digital capabilities. We’re here for the long haul to equip you and ensure you get the most out of your business.

And last but not least the 59 investors that came in this equity crowdfunding round on pitchIN, thank you for your belief in the Deemples vision, and vote of confidence. Work has already begun to put the funds to good use, and continues to help grow the golf industry, starting here in Malaysia.


The Deemples team.❤️

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