Making golf tournament scoring a breeze.

As golfers, we love golf tournaments – watching and participating in them, big or small. Playing in tournaments gives us a sense of competition and builds camaraderie amongst other fellow golfers. It’s also a chance to network across a larger group of golfers.

However, putting a golf competition together requires a lot of effort. Depending on the country and culture you’re in, some golf tournaments could be as lavish as three luxury automobiles up as lucky draw prizes, top-notch magicians and comedians as entertainment, massive buffet spreads, and so on.

Ask any golfing committee that has to organize and run one, it’s not easy. The amount of human resources required from registration, payments, ushering, golf bag boys, caddies, emceeing, catering, to scoring, marshaling, and prize presentations are immense.

Going through that process ourselves has made us think – there HAS to be a better way.

We at Deemples have already built technology to help golf clubs and competition organizers automate registration, payments, communication with golfers, and scoring for handicapping purposes, all this into our app that’s free for everyone to use.

However, there was one thing that was missing: Scoring to calculate game results.

We’ve had to manually key in hole-by-hole scores of a hundred players with their handicaps into a spreadsheet. For it to sort the results based on lowest net scores, tiebreakers, and lowest gross scores…

…until now.

The Automated Game Results Feature for Golf Competitions

Game Results Feature on Deemples

We have felt the pain, and have worked tirelessly to come up with a solution. We already have the platform, and it’s only logical to allow golfers to submit scores for competitions and results purposes!

We’re glad to announce that as of now, golf competition organizers can have scoring automated via Deemples.

Gone are the days of taking the time to calculate the scores, or paying exorbitant amounts of money for a golf scoring software.

Here’s how it works. At the end of the tournament, golfers submit the:

  1. Adjusted Gross Score
  2. Course Rating, and
  3. Slope Rating

– of their flight mates. By keying in these three numbers, it will calculate their handicap differential which ultimately calculates their handicap index, and also their course handicap of the round.

At the same time, they also submit hole-by-hole scores of the other players. This is to calculate their gross score, which we’ll use to deduct their course handicap and get their net score of the game. Deemples will then display all the results on the game result page that’s accessible by all. And you can then sort it by lowest net or lowest gross scores.

All these scores are only valid if there are a minimum of 2 other players that are submitting the same scores for a player. If more than 2 people submit, the system will automatically choose the similar scores among all the submitted scores.

If there are ties in the net score, the game results will automatically sort it based on the USGA tiebreakers. USGA tie breakers will compare the tied net scores based on the last 9 hole net score, and the lowest net score will win the tiebreaker. If that’s still tied, then the last 6 hole net score will be used, then last 3, then last 1 hole net score.

To calculate the net score for X holes, use the gross score for X holes minus the course handicap / 2 (if it’s for 9 holes) = net score for 9 holes. If the divided course handicap has a decimal point, round it to the nearest whole number.

Getting all game participants to submit scores

Since we have this automated game result feature live, golf organisers no longer have to sit in front of the computer to do calculate scores, but instead have the opportunity to mingle around and do what all of us love to do after a game – hang out with everyone!

All organisers have to do now is just shout out to everyone: “OK GUYS 10 MINUTES BEFORE WE CLOSE SCORE SUBMISSIONS! GET YOUR SCORES IN OTHERWISE TOO BAD! YOU WON’T BE IN THE RUNNING FOR PRIZES!” or something like that. And then when the announced time is up, just casually read out the winners displayed on everyone’s Deemples account 🙂 sorted by lowest net or lowest gross!

Sharing and Displaying

Our next steps will be to improve on sharing features to allow all players to share the final game results on social media. This will help to increase awareness and reach to your competitions post-game.

We’re also working on a visual output that’ll allow the results to be displayed nicely on big screens in clubhouses, so everyone can recognize the winners! (and the losers… 😅)

Let’s automate the entire golf tournament process!

Our goal is to enable golf clubs and tournament organizers to run casual golf games, weekly competitions, monthly medals, annual tournaments at scale. By automating bits and pieces of the process for everyone to use, at no cost.

If you’d like to learn more, do write in to us via our website, or social media platforms.