There are countless training aids out there that could help refine your swing or golf game. Some work and some just don’t. They are all specific to what you want to achieve by using them. If you are looking to gain more speed in your game, well you came to the right place! Introducing the SuperSpeed Golf training system. 

Most amateur golfers want to hit it farther and they are all for good reasons. Not just impressing your buddies. When you can hit the ball farther, you cover more distance in the course and it makes the game whole lot easier. With longer shots, come shorter and easier approach shots. Hence, results in more greens in regulations, fewer chips, and better opportunities to score. 

This is not going to help how you swing the golf club but it will help you generate more swing speed in your game. Think about it for a second, with more speed comes more distance. In this case, instead of spending thousands of dollars on purchasing new golf clubs, you can spend less to gain more distance.

According to the SuperSpeed Golf official website, there are 700 tour players that train with SuperSpeed Golf. Players like Phil Mickelson use this training system to hit “Hellacious Bombs”!

SuperSpeed Golf Training System

What Is The SuperSpeed Golf Training System

SuperSpeed Golf Weighted Clubs
Source: SuperSpeed Golf

Essentially the core items in the SuperSpeed Golf Training System are the weighted clubs. These 3 clubs come in 3 different colours to differentiate the weights.

  • Green (Light)
  • Blue (Medium)
  • Red (Heavy)

The thing is, these weighted clubs from SuperSpeed actually weigh the same as a standard golf club. The heads however are specifically weighted and these will help train your muscles and brain differently. 

Additionally, they have different types of sets fit for certain people:

  • Men’s Set
  • Senior Set
  • Coaches Set
  • Ladies Set
  • Junior Set
  • All-Star Set
  • Pee-Wee Set

How The SuperSpeed Golf Training System Works

SuperSpeed Golf Swing Training
Source: Practical Golf

The SuperSpeed Golf training system helps golfers increase their swing speed through a concept called OverSpeedTraining. This gained popularity in 2014 and how it works is that the training allows your body to perform faster than its typical speed. This is under the assumption that you have already dealt with any poor swing techniques and physical fitness. 

By swinging the SuperSpeed weighted clubs, you can reprogram your tempo and increase your swing speed. It allows your brain to adjust to these faster swing speeds as the training progresses through the three training clubs from light to heavy. Two of the weighted SuperSpeed clubs are lighter than the typical golf driver and one that is slightly heavier.

Using The SuperSpeed Training System

SuperSpeed Golf Swing Training
Source: SuperSpeed Golf

Upon purchasing the set of weighted clubs, you can access a ton of online golf instructions on the most ideal way to use them plus tips to help you warmup and prevent injury to yourself or others around the vicinity. Try to swing them without people in close proximity. Follow their training protocols to get the most out of it.

Starting off, you do some warmups and stretches to make sure your body is fired up and loose. Starting with the lightest stick, the green stick, and swing as prescribed through the training program. You will notice that your swing speed is drastically faster due to the lightweight of the club. From there you gradually ascend to the heavier clubs.

Your brain begins to adapt to the speed on a neuromuscular level as you ascend to heavier clubs. Eventually after the recommended practice duration, your swing speed can increase anywhere from 5-10 mph or even more. This may seem like small numbers but it will drastically improve your distances. 

SuperSpeed Golf claims that with three 10-minute training sessions per week can help you add distance and start hitting those nasty bombs off the tee. 

Some Pros and Cons

SuperSpeed Weighted Clubs
Source: SuperSpeed Golf

As you know some items do have their advantages and disadvantages to them. Here we will tell you what we think are the pros and cons.


  • Very simple to use and well-made training system that is supported by clearly explained videos online
  • Results will show after a couple of weeks
  • The ability to increase your swing speed without changing your swing
  • Great device to help you swing faster and not harder


  • Needs a launch monitor to be able to get accurate swing data and see results
  • Sticking to the program requires a certain level of commitment as the program is about 8-10 weeks
  • Not a cheap training system

Summary For The SuperSpeed Golf Training System

The pros certainly outweigh the cons as to defeat the disadvantages you would have to fork out more cash to get a launch monitor. However, it is not necessary if you can go to golf simulators once in a while to gather data on your swing. Either way, the SuperSpeed Golf Training System certainly can take your swing speed to the next level. You can see how the SuperSpeed Training helped tour player Phil Mickelson win the PGA Championship. Don’t wait to start hitting those “HIGH NASTY BOMBS”.

You can get them on the SuperSpeed website!

If you are looking for ways to improve your swing before you want to generate more speed in it, here are two ways. One is to learn how to be more efficient in your driving range sessions to maximize your practice. The second is to work on your golf fitness. Alternatively, here are some swing tips that could help you improve your game as well! 

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