I use Deemples Golf App the most, not just because I found it, but it solves my problem the most.

There are many golf apps out there – for scoring, GPS, booking tee times, discount apps, tips and tricks, education, etc. But nothing helps me with my main problem of finding other golfers to golf with when I want to golf.


The main problem

I’m sure all of us have many golf friends that we have made over the years. Similar to getting meetings scheduled, getting golf games scheduled is much harder due to a few reasons:

  1. Golf takes a long time, and people don’t want to spend a whole day at the golf course.
  2. There aren’t that many golfers around – only 60 mils in the world, that’s less than 1 in every 100 people. In some parts of the world (ie Indonesia), there are less than 1 in every 1000 people that golf.
  3. Golf is expensive, and people rather do other sports that are more affordable
  4. Demographics shows that golfers are normally senior executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, that normally are busy people with busy schedules.

So it’s confusing when golf, which takes a long time, is normally played by people who have no time. Naturally, not that many people will continue in the game given all these barriers.


Existing solutions

The solution that I’ve always tried to look for, is a platform where golfers just list games, and other golfers can just join if they’re keen. Somehow very few have built something like that. The few that I have found, was only limited to a few markets, and not many people use it.

Then I realised that, most of the people who built a matching platform like this, have the same passion to solve the problem we all face, because they’re all golfers that love the game, but don’t have the tech, design, and marketing knowledge to build a golf app with good user experience, design and market it to the golfer masses.


The Deemples golf app

So we took things into our own hands, envisioning the result first. Drawing by hand what it the platform would look like, what features would be needed to get this going. Then after a few months, get it off the ground, with heavy marketing that’s needed to share it with golfers.

Now golfers create games on the Deemples golf app, select the golf course, number of holes they want to play, tee time, and price of the game, then other golfers get to join them.

The host of the game will call the golf course to book the tee times, and all participants of the game can chat amongst each other in a group chat within the app.

At the end of the game, since everyone is playing together for the first time, participants can then peer-rate each other and also input each other’s score. This will give them an overall feedback and allow other golfers to know if this golfer is nice or nasty. A handicap index will also be calculated for the golfer once he/she has 5 scores submitted by other golfers that they have played with on Deemples.


Breaking the habits

Similar to Tinder, Uber, Couchsurfing, etc, people used to say:

  • “I’ll never do online dating”
  • “I will never get into a stranger’s car”
  • “I’ll never live in a stranger’s house, more so on their couch!”

But we have seen a shift of habits, Uber is now the largest transportation company in the world without owning any vehicles, Airbnb is the largest accommodation provider in the world without owning any real estate.


Technology adoption

Technology is changing the way golfers golf, and adopting these technologies are the younger demographics, which are the future customers of golf. In 10–20 years time, the current 50 year olds would be 70 and the then 40 year olds are now still 20.

Deemples will continue to help golfers golf whenever, wherever they want, one market at a time, and hopefully can grow the golf industry to 100 mil golfers, instead of the current 60m.

If you’re in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia or Philippines, get your game going anytime on the Deemples golf app!

If you’re in another market and think Deemples might work brilliantly in your country, we’d be happy to chat to see how we can work together to help your golfing community there.

Written by David Wong, Founder of Deemples Golf App