This is a comprehensive guide to proper golf attire for women golfers or female golfing enthusiasts stating the different kinds of options and outfit ideas you can try out when playing golf. 

When playing at a small nearby local course, you can always wear comfortable jeans and a T-shirt or any other attire you want as per your comfort but at certain places like private/ semi-private or resort golf courses, wearing anything other than a proper golf attire is unacceptable.

At such places, the players are required to wear what is called proper golf attire, though the requirements may vary according to different courses, their dress codes, and standards.

Golf Attire for Women

You can refer to this guide to know the kind of clothing required as per the golf dress code and to know about options that not only comply with the standards but are also comfortable, chic, and best fitting. 



In our list of golf attire for women first, come tops. Mostly all the courses require women to wear blouses which have sleeves and if not this then a sleeveless blouse which has collars. Most of the top female golfers prefer wearing a polo-style shirt as it is very comfortable and has a good look to it.

There are different kinds of tops that come in various colors and designs like zip-top, v-neck, long sleeve, short sleeve, etc. These tops are not just available in plain colors but have stripes, floral, and other different patterns.

Another acceptable upper wear item is the turtleneck top which is not just formal but also extremely stylish. Tops such as halters, t-shirts, and tank tops are unacceptable as per the golfing dress code. 

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Jackets & Sweaters

jackets & sweaters-golf-attire-for-women

In golf, layer dressing is very common. On a cool airy day, golfers prefer wearing a sweater/ vest along with a polo shirt or a turtleneck. This combination is not only stylish but very comfortable as well.

For additional clothing or layering, you can wear a wind shirt or a collared button-down shirt. Jackets made of denim and sweatshirts are considered inappropriate.



Most women golfers prefer wearing slacks when playing in the season of early spring or fall. On a bit hotter days, shorter slacks like the crops, shorts, or capris are a very good option.

Some other popular choices worth considering are golf dresses, skorts, and shorter pants (of knee-length or longer). Informals such as jeans, athletic pants, sweats, etc. are not acceptable as per the golf dress code. 

Head Cover


As golf courses are open, your skin is exposed to the sun for hours which can cause extreme tanning or even sunburns. In order to protect your skin and head from this, a cap/ visor is a must on sunny days.

There are various options available in golf hats, be it the colors, fabric, or style. You can go for crocheted caps, straw hats, designer caps, or even for the ones having lots of glitz. 

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Shoes and Socks


When playing on the course, having good golf shoes is a must. On many golf courses, you need to have shoes with non-metal spikes, the ones which are soft.

Along with good shoes, you also need a good comfy pair of socks. For the same, you can go with the skorts, low socks, shorter pants or golf dresses. When wearing long pants, you can also go for the colored crew socks matching your pants. 

For more details on women’s shoes, check out Nifty Golf’s post.

Other Accessories

Apart from the basic attire and shoes, you can also wear other accessories if you want. You can wear polarized sunglasses for protection from sunlight when playing on the course on sunny days.

You can also wear a matching belt along with your shirt and pants. If you want to wear jewelry, prefer to wear a small and simple piece. Avoid wearing long necklaces or earrings as they may get tangled and trouble you while playing.

Also, do wear a golf glove to avoid any calluses or blisters on your hand. If you want to wear a watch while playing on the course, get a good watch that is both water and sweatproof.

As for the hats, we have mentioned above what and which ones to wear. Avoid wearing beanies, cowboy hats, or dressy fedoras. 

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Summary of Women’s Golf Attire

We hope you get an idea about what is best to wear for golfing women. Dressing according to the dress code and having proper golfing attire can be very easy and fun when you have a variety of options and patterns to choose from.

As per the standard styles and patterns, you can search for your perfect attire. Due to such an evolved golf scene and with so many designers and companies making clothes and different kinds of attire dedicatedly to golfers, women golfers have numerous options in choosing the perfect fit for them.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this. We have tons of fun articles for you on Deemples. Also, if you are a newbie read our latest blog- Best Ever Golf Tips for Beginners!

Happy golfing!

Common FAQs about Golf Attire for Women

What are the Rules For Proper Women’s Golf Attire?

Each golf club varies on their rules and many, if not all, have dress codes you must adhere to. If you don’t properly prepare, the golf club may very well turn you away when you show up to play a round of golf in a tank top or denim shorts.

Do women have to wear collared shirts to golf?

Most golf courses mandate that men must wear a collared shirt. Women must wear modest-looking shirts, which can include collared tops. No t-shirts are allowed.

What should you not wear when golfing?

Avoid gym shorts, short shorts, or cutoffs. Shoes: Golf shoes, if you have them, are perfect. Most clubs now require soft spikes rather than metal ones. (Do not use metal spikes on a soft spike facility—you may be asked to stop playing.)

Do female golfers have to wear skirts?

LPGA Eliminates Short Skirts, Racerback Tops and Leggings. The professional golf world has become increasingly progressive when it comes to allowing their players to make fashion statements in an effort to modernize the sport and appeal to millennials and juniors.