Golf is an incredible game. Many long-time players, in truth, would insist that this is the best game in the world. The reputation for golf, sadly, is not so good for welcoming beginners-the game is just plain tough! Also, the most popular players were once beginners in the game.

Every player knows the difficulty of trying to get started in this extremely challenging game. You already probably know some of the golf tips for beginners, but any little tip you pick up along the way can be extremely beneficial if you are actually in the process of learning how to play golf.

By paying attention and looking for guidance in a number of ways, you will continually improve your game until you are no longer in the beginner category.

In this article, we have gathered 8 best ever golf tips for beginners. You may have heard a few of these before, but checking on good advice to make sure that you are moving in the right direction is always helpful.

If you think about these tips and how they relate to your game, whether for a productive practice session or an actual round, you should be ready to head out to the course.

1. Make friends with your golf grip:


Among all the golf tips for beginners, the most important tip is to get a good grip on the club. Hold the club in its usual position with your gloved hand, then move your lower hand down to where the shaft meets the grip.

When the clubhead slings out toward the ball, splitting your hands like this makes it easier to square the face through impact and hold the handle pointed at the belly button.

Be sure to aggressively brush the grass. Even when you’re not playing golf, practice holding the club in the right position. Take a club to the house and every time you walk by it hold it in your hand for 30 seconds and you soon will be able to hold it perfectly.

2. Get lessons:


Another most important golf tips for beginners is to get proper golf lessons. A lot of golf coaching is available on TV and on the internet these days, but there is nothing quite like getting a one-on-one lesson from a local golf professional. There are at least one or two pros on staff at almost every golf course, and these instructors would be glad to help you with your game.

Golf lessons are not especially pricey, and they’re a perfect way to shift the swing in the right direction. Over time, you can possibly teach yourself to play this game. But working with a pro can significantly speed up the learning curve.

You should be able to work with your instructor on many of the game’s basic fundamentals, such as grip, posture, balance, speed, and more. Having an experienced pro watching you practice and catching your errors in real-time is immensely beneficial.

3. Set your goals:


If you want to continuously improve your performance as you step forward in the game, setting goals for yourself along the way is one of the best things. Golf is an individual game and other players around you should not in any way affect the goals you set for yourself.

For example, if you think that breaking 100 during one of your upcoming rounds will be a good goal for yourself, you should set that goal and work hard to achieve it. Even if other golfers from your group are shooting for the 90’s or trying to break into the 80’s.

You shouldn’t be tempted to change your own goal. To build a better game, stick to your own strategy, be proud of your own achievements, and take a slow and steady approach.

4. Brush up on your etiquette:


It is a must to know your golfing etiquette. You can end up in all kinds of trouble without it, not even understanding what you’ve done wrong. Wheeling the trolley across the green could result in a good talking from the greenkeeper, although slow play could lead to tension with other golfers.

If you go for someone who has a little more experience, then listen to them. They’re not all fussy, they could just stop you from making yourself a fool.

5. Visit a driving range:


Driving range gives you an opportunity to hit a few balls without having to think about finding them again. They are a fantastic place to get tips and guidance. Initially, you might be given a few fast pointers by a professional.

Take advantage of the number of different clubs that are always available to try out for free. Smashing a few balls is an excellent way to let go of tension at least, you’re going to come out feeling fantastic, whether or not you were actually any good.

6. Be nice to yourself:

Just how tough the game of golf really is can’t be overstated. You are never going to take up another sport that is as difficult as golf. So you can go into it with the understanding that along the way you will make several mistakes.

Try to relax and be good to yourself during the journey. Instead of beating yourself up for the bad shots that inevitably will come when you learn the game.

Having a positive attitude will help you get better at playing. After hitting a few bad shots, there is no use getting upset with yourself, as that frustration will only make it harder to concentrate on the things that will help you to improve.

To keep yourself from losing the right attitude on the course, remember that golf is just a game. Sure, you want to learn how to play well, but at the end of the day, it is still a game.

7. Having Good Balance:


Whenever you try to hit a drive off the tee or a fairway iron, it helps tremendously to have a relaxed and confident swing. Getting a good balance is one secret to playing golf well. Don’t get stiff and lock your back in a state of inflexibility.

When swinging the golf club, many beginners will slip into the trap of slumping their upper body. Instead of bumping the hips, most down swing faults are due to start with the upper body, so begin your down swing with your hips.

8. Get the right equipment:


Even with the right clubs in your hands, golf is a tough game. It is almost impossible if you play with clubs that are ill-suited to your swing. Many golfers at the beginning start their game by using clubs they got from a friend or by purchasing the wrong one.

While it is obviously understandable that you want to get started with an inexpensive set, you also need to make sure that the set suits your swing properly or else you will be making the game more difficult than it already is.

You can feel free to buy a set of used clubs, or a set of new clubs from a low-cost brand. However, it would be a smart idea to head to a professional club fitter. He can tweak them to suit your needs after you acquire those clubs.

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