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Leaderboard: Deemples Monthly Medal 1-22 June 2020

23 June 2020

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22 days into the race, and we have 1712 rounds played, and over a 100 rounds have submitted scores for the Deemples Monthly Medal.

Sunkyun is still on top this week with his AMAZING net 61 at KGPA on Tuesday 9 June, a solid gross 90 for him with a course handicap of 29. For 2nd position, we see a new name – Amir Zakaria with net 64 at Kinrara Golf Club on Friday 19 June, a solid gross 89 for him with a course handicap of 25, whilst pushing Jake C with net 65 at Bukit Jalil to 3rd place. Jeff Xie with also with net 65 at Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort tied with Jake C, but with a back 9 net score of 31 vs Jake C’s 30, Jeff takes the 4th place.

Max Kim, Rid Afzal, and Hanis are tied at 66, but with a back 9 net score of Max’s 32 vs Rid’s 35 vs Hanis’ 36, Max takes the 5th place, Rid and Hanis comes in at 6th & 7th place respectively.

Terence Tan wraps up the 8th place, battling it with Jason Kok and Azlan Wahab all tied at net 67. Jason and Terence both tied on the back 9 net, so had to take the best 6 net to decide. Terence with a back 6 net of 23, vs Jason’s 26. So Jason takes the 9th place and Azlan at 10th.

Deemples Monthly Medal is getting more interesting day by day with a lot of people participating and competing. The competition is getting tougher. In fact, the top 18 – all had net scores in the 60s! Plus we can see most of the people are tying with their net scores.

Tiebreakers Rules

Tiebreakers use the USGA stroke play tie breaking formula. If there’s a tie in a net score for 18 holes, the net score for the last 9 holes are used. If still tied, then the net score for the last 6 holes, then the last 3 holes, and last 1 hole are used.

For details on how to submit your scores:

1- There are instructions on the game screen on Deemples after the game is over.
2- Can Check Golf Handicap Score Submission on Deemples.

Only 7 days left before the monthly medal is over for this month. Keep on playing and get your name on that Leaderboard! Anything could change, there are prizes for the top 100 positions, so get your games in, submit t-scores for your partners, and win this month’s Deemples Monthly Medal!

Prizes are brought to you by our amazing sponsors: Crest Link, Be Golf Pro, and Dalmore. You can see all prizes here: Deemples Monthly Medal.

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