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Golf in Singapore – Must Read to Golf Cheap!

18 March 2020

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Why a lot of Singaporean golfers don’t golf in Singapore?

Expensive, inaccessible (requires membership), requires upfront payment, requires a flight of minimum 3.

The clubs that do open up for the public that are affordable and accessible are 9 hole course – Mandai Executive Golf Course and Champions Public Golf Course.

So most Singaporean golfers ad out to either Johor in Malaysia or Batam/Bintan in Indonesia during the weekend.

Pros – cheaper golf, better service, cheap food, cheap massages, cheap shopping, cheap petrol!

Cons – longer travel times. Johor has massive traffic jams, and Batam you need to take a 45 min ferry, then usually a 10 min ground transfer after that.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help guide you with the best way you can play at these places.


To find out about Johor golf coursesclick here.

How to get there:

johor golf courses
  1. Drive – but you will suffer. Wake up at 4 am, get into Johor by 6 am, then leave at 2 pm, and get back to Singapore at 4 pm.
  2. Get a driver to drive you across – roughly SGD200 round trip which you can split 4 ways, with door to door service for 4 different people. Can ask the driver to wait around while you eat and massage. Then sleep on the way there and back.


To find out about Batam golf courses click here.

How to get there:

golf in singapore
  1. Ferry is the only way unless you can swim. Most golf courses help you book the ferry ticket, so you just have to reach out and book with them.
  2. Massages are awesome there, and the other service levels are “indo” level ie – reception, concierge, caddies, f&b. Good stuff you won’t get at Singapore. Since labor is cheaper in Indonesia. In Singapore, you self service most things.

Both experiences will take the whole day ie 12 hours. But with less money, you will have a much better time.

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