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Golf is dying, but it’s not dead yet – here’s what you can do

15 January 2019

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You are here either because you golf or are interested in the game. Congratulations, you are part of the 1%. That’s right, not more than 1% of the world enjoys golf and every second golf is dying.

Numerous people, either golfers themselves or in the golfing industry, have shared their opinions on why golf is on the decline. In a recent article published on September last year, The Telegraph quoted several of them.

“Golf is in danger, but the solutions are clear: We must be more family-orientated, and cheaper. I don’t think there is any doubt at all that golf is nowhere as inclusive as it needs to be,” said Pete Cowen, a prominent coach.

“Access to golf clubs remains a serious issue to participation figures,” said Mark Thompson, managing director at sponsorship management firm SponServe.

Even 2009’s professional golfer Catriona Matthew chimed in, saying golf needed to take up new initiatives.

“We should be trying to get younger people in. Everyone knows there is that struggle to get people interested,” she said.

Golf is dying but lives in Asia

Regardless of whether it’s inclusiveness, price, access to golf clubs or being plain old boring, golf is dying. While some have tried to deny this, the signs of its death are pasted all over the internet. Hell, you probably don’t need much convincing yourself or you wouldn’t have typed in the title or clicked on this page.

Despite its rotting stench, however, golf courses keep popping up all across Asia.

A 2017 report from the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews found that in Asia, there were 67 golf projects (measured in 18-hole equivalents) currently under construction and 109 in planning. It also found that 32% of the world’s golf projects are in Asia.

“In Asia, the shift is to the south, with Vietnam having 41 facilities in place and another 32 in different stages of development. India, with 267, has project activity that could add another 28,” the report noted.

Golf is dying but it isn’t dead

We at Deemples are well aware of golf’s critical state. From our own observations, we’ve found that a factor which contributes to the game’s demise includes its own peculiarities.

Aside from the fact that it’s an expensive sport, each round takes a long time. You face a problem when it’s already hard to find people available when you are. In effect, many give up on the sport and try something else.

The Deemples app hopes that it can address at least that problem.

Golf is dying and this is a sad state of affairs. Deemples, however, refuses to mourn something so beautiful. Perhaps a great purpose lies amidst golf’s decay. Our founder, David Wong, has a saying that he often uses: “If we can increase the number of golfers by just 1%, we’ve doubled the number of people who play golf.”

That’s what Deemples aims to do.

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