The advancement of technology has seen new ways to book tee times and golf booking apps are at the heart of golf advancement. 

Much attention is given to the development of equipment, such as golf balls and golf clubs. But for the amateur golfer, the improvements to the course are just as important.

Being able to access a golf booking platform using a mobile phone is a fantastic time-saver in today’s busy modern world. 

Rather than having to search online for the golf club and click through their website or make a phone call to book a tee time, you can press the screen a few times using a golf booking app and it’s done.

Stick to the very end to find out the best golf booking app Malaysia has to offer!

Golf Booking Apps Worldwide

1. Golfdigg


The Golfdigg golf booking app comes with the tagline “We make people enjoy more Golf”. This app is known to be the no 1 booking service in Thailand. It is one of the easiest and most convenient booking platforms for golfers to book more than 150 courses all over Thailand.

Golfdigg has been in operation for around 5 years, providing 150 golf courses to book from in more than 40 cities. They have 50k+ users and more than 100k downloads of their app. Through Golfdigg you can book your favorite golf courses within minutes from your smartphone or computer using their website. Accessible 24 hours with up to 7-30 days in advance. Available in both the Google play store and the App Store.

2. GoGolf


“Easy book, easy go Golf! In Indonesia”- that’s the slogan of GoGolf. It’s about making golf more open to those who want to pick up the game.

This is a smartphone app as well as they have a clean and informative website that helps you to book Golf Courses fast and quickly. GoGolf facilitates the booking of golf courses in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. It covers cities like Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Bali, Bogor, Bintan, Batam, and so on. This app is available both in the Google play store and App Store, with a very user-friendly interface.

3. GolfConnect24


The GolfConnect24 app is a golf booking and golf travel app based in Vietnam. It is one of the renowned golf apps in Southeast Asia.

You can get the app in both the Google play store for your android device and Apple Store for the IOS device. You can also book your tee time with the help of their app or through the website.

If you go to the app/website you just need to follow 3 simple steps to book your preferred tee time. There you will find lots of golf courses in several cities in Vietnam along with different packages for your preference.

Through this app, you can also book hotels near your selected golf course. This is by far the best golf tee time app in the country. So if you are in Vietnam or planning a golf vacation you can rely on this app.

4. Asia Golf Explorer

Asia Golf Explorer

The Asia Golf Explorer web application is where golfers can book tee times at the lowest fees. Through this site, you can book any courses around Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. With Golf Explorer you will find beautiful countryside golf clubs, and perfect golf swings with discounted tee time instantly.

Golf Explorer provides a platform for golfers where they can arrange golfing sessions and golf club booking anytime anywhere with a list of more than 500 golf courses around Asia. If you are in Singapore they have two great golf courses to offer- Marina Bay Golf Course and The Keppel Club.

If you want to cancel the booked tee time, you will have to send an email notice before 7 days of your tee time.

5. Teeoff


As home to nearly half of all the golf courses around the globe, the United States really has a monopoly on the finest golf courses and discount tee times. Whether it’s the deserts of Arizona or the beach of Florida, a golf enthusiast will always find a golf course in the United States.

Teeoff is an outstanding golf booking and tee time app that covers numerous golf courses in the United States. Also, through this app, you can book golf courses in Canada and other international countries.  You can find Teeoff in both App Store for IOS users and in Google Play for Android users.

To book a tee time you just follow simple steps, where you need to find your selective golf course, your preferred date, and search. Select the tee time and join a game.

6. GolfNow


The GolfNow app is an extension of the online business platform of GOLF Business Solutions, owned by NBC Sports and operated by GOLF Channel. GOLF Business Solutions also offers technical support and marketing services to almost 8,000 golf courses in 24 countries around the world.

Trusted by more than 3 million golfers, the GOLFNOW App is the best way to book amazing tee-time deals on thousands of golf courses. You will get free golf GPS and golf rangefinder, score-keeping, and post-game analysis in this amazing golf course booking app.

GolfNow is available in the App Store (iPhone), Google Play Store (Android), Samsung Galaxy Store, and Alexa app.  Both versions feature a sleek, intuitive feel and use location services and Google Places to personalize the tee time booking experience by enabling golfers to conveniently search for courses in their area and at more than 5,000 locations around the world.

Advanced tee time search allows golfers to pick a course and tee time-based on a number of criteria including place, price, time of day, and rating based on reviews.

7. Supreme golf

Supreme Golf

One of the best golf booking apps comes with a motto of making it easy for you to find your game globally. They help golfers to compare tee times and prices among thousands of golf courses, online tee time retailers, and booking sites at a glance. You can search over one million tee times at almost 40,000 golf courses, tee times, and prices and pick the best deal for you.

Supreme golf is one of the most comprehensive tee time search engines on the planet. So if you want to play close to your home or want to have a golf vacation Supreme golf will help you find the best deal for you.

You can get the app both on the App Store and on Google Play. This app is 100% free, so you don’t have to pay any charge while searching for a tee time or booking them.

8. Deemples Golf App

We help golfers solve a different problem compared to the tee-time booking apps mentioned above. We realized that there were no platforms that helped golfers find each other and also can book tee times, and get a game going.

Today we’re so fortunate to be able to help thousands of golfers find each other so that they can golf more. Golf courses win and golfers are happy. Deemples is just not a golf app it’s a golfing community where you can find golf buddies, create or join games, book golf courses & pay upfront!!!

We are currently operating in 5 countries with our golf booking app – Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Brunei. You can download our Deemples Golf app from App Store or Play Store. You can also visit our website to read more about us and golf.

Speak with us if you want to help get Deemples to your area, to help golfers in your area golf more.


Golf booking apps have made life so much easier for the amateur golfer.  Having the ability to pick up a mobile phone and book a tee time at any time of day or night would have been considered a luxury 10 years ago.

So, take advantage of it now and enjoy using golf booking apps to secure your next tee time. If you are in one of these countries – Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, & Brunei and want to golf, just download Deemples!!!