Digi helps spread the love of golf via Deemples

(Updated for 2020) Free golf intro sessions for all Digi subscribers.

Digi helps spread the love of golf via Deemples. Digi understands that golf is not an easy sport to get into. Most have the perception that golf is an expensive sport played by rich people. It is because of this, a lot of people stay away from golf. On the contrary, 100 balls at the driving range cost only RM10-15, that’s cheaper than 1 movie ticket.

Digi wants to help people get into the game, and getting a proper introduction is crucial so you learn what golf is all about, the equipment, the techniques so that you have the basics.

For Digi subscribers only, you get a FREE GOLF INTRO SESSION WORTH RM250. This promo is available on Digi Rewards via the MyDigi app till the end of June 2020.

Venue: Driving Range, Palm Garden Golf Club Putrajaya
Instructor: PGA Instructor.

Steps to get this Free Intro Session:

  1. Download the MyDigi App
  2. At the Rewards section, search for “Deemples
  3. Get the voucher.
  4. Download Deemples App from the App Store / Google Play
  5. Search “Palm Garden” or “Digi
  6. Join sessions that fit you.
  7. Price is Free if you have the voucher from Digi, otherwise RM50 per person.

Digi helps spread the love of golf via Deemples. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the perfect introduction to golf. It can’t get better than a free session!

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