June 20th is not so far away right now. With Father’s Day just around the corner, you should be prepared to show some love and appreciation to the man who fathered you throughout your life! If he’s a golfer then even better! You can get him the best golf gifts for Father’s Day!

Most dads are pretty easy to please since they will be happy with anything you buy for them. It is the thought that counts! Let us all give our fathers a present they can hold on to and remember us by! 

7 Best Golf Gifts for Father’s Day

Titleist Performance Ball Marker Men’s Cap

Source: Titleist

Golf caps are a staple for golfers. If there’s something golfers love it is definitely their cap! What better gift than a Titleist Golf Cap for your dad! Either he’s collecting a bunch of golf caps or he’s stuck with one or two really old beaten up caps. He will surely appreciate this. 

There is a convenient magnet system inside the bill of the cap which allows him to clip on his really cool ball marker! Furthermore, the Titleist Performance Ball Marker Men’s Cap is designed using antimicrobial, moisture-wicking sweatband inside the cap. Your dad will definitely look more fashionable wearing this! Hence it being one of the best golf gifts

You can find them in any golf stores and pro shops like MST Golf. Moreover, you can order them online on most online golf store such as PGATourSuperStore or MSTGolf

Personalized Scorecard Holder

Personalized Leather Scorecard Holder Best Golf Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Carveon

This is a cool gift you could get for your father! A personalized scorecard holder allows his rounds on the golf course to be more special. Each time he writes down his scores, it will remind him of you! If he is having a bad round of golf at least he has this to cheer him up! 

You can get a leather personalized scorecard holder on Etsy or on Carveon! The leather covers feel great and we are sure your dads will love this gift!

Practice Golf Nets

If your dad is trying to improve playing golf constantly, a practice golf net would be the best! He can have it in the backyard where he can practice his golf game and maybe you can too!

Depending on your view on your fathers golf game, you could either buy him a golf net to practice his full swings or buy him a chipping net to practice his short game! Most old timers are more experienced in the game and are very good at their short game. 

With this gift, your father can come out of MCO being an absolute pro! You can find them on a number of shopping platforms online such as Shopee, Lazada and Amazon. Finally, with a golf net, you would need a golf mat to compliment it, here are the best golf mats in 2021.

Golf Mug with a Golf Club Stirrer

Best Golf Gifts for Father's Day Golf Coffee Mug
Source: Amazon

Imagine every morning when your dad has his coffee be it at home or at the office, he will have a great reminder that he has loving children! Won’t that just make his day so much better! This cute golf mug will definitely give him a chuckle every time he has his coffee. On top of that, the mug comes with a stirrer in the form of a golf club! How cute is that! 

You can find this golf mug on online shopping platforms like Lazada and Shopee

Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls Best Golf Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Gifts

What better than personalized golf balls for your dad! This adds a little sweet touch to his own golf ball that reminds him of you. You could include his favorite play number, include a logo or image and a personalized message. The next time he tees it up, the chances of him hitting the fairways will be higher! He’s doing it for you. 

To make an informed decision on which to get, you can check out the best golf balls in 2021. You can get it for specific golf brands such as Titleist, Bridgestone, Srixon, etc. Also you can get it at golfballs to get it done and shipped to you! 

Personalized Ball Markers

Personalized Ball Markers Best Golf Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Pinterest

Ball markers are crucial for you when you putt. It allows you to mark your ball while you clean your ball and align your putt. There are many really cool golf ball markers in the market but you can get a special personalized one for your father on father’s day! With this, you are always there supporting him whenever he makes his putts! 

Personalized ball markers are available on Amazon and Etsy. Grab yours before Father’s Day! 

INESIS UItralight Golf Stand Bag

INESIS Ultralight Golf Stand Bag Best Golf Gifts for Father's Day
Source: Decathlon

In any case your father is using a really old golf bag that is beaten up or is outdated, you could get him a new one! The INESIS Ultralight Golf Stand Bag is a practical and comfortable stand bag thanks to its padded straps. It can carry up to 7 clubs easily on the course. Its ultralight is at 1.5 kgs so it will be easier for your dad to carry around especially if he enjoys walking the course! 

You can find the INESIS Ultralight Golf Stand Bag on Decathlon. There are two colour choices with grey and black that look clean and sleek. It also is not as expensive as major golfing brands. 


What better gift than having your children’s gift with you throughout your round of golf! For your father to know that his kids support him and his hobby is the best! These are the best golf gifts for Father’s Day! You can make your dad even happier playing the game he loves! Besides that, you could spend time playing with him too. That will be one of the best gifts you could give your father!

If you or your father needs to get a new pair of golf shoes, you can check out our best golf shoes in 2021! Maybe that could be a gift too.

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