Are you an avid golfer in Malaysia? There are a couple organizations that offer exclusive golf privileges that you potentially are able to apply for. Most of these golf privileges allow you to have complimentary or discounted green fees at their selected golf courses. Here are some of the best credit cards with golf privileges in Malaysia. 

Credit Card With Golf Privileges

CIMB World Mastercard Credit Card

CIMB World Mastercard Credit Card golf privileges
Source: CIMB

The CIMB World Mastercard offers tons of benefits and privileges such as travel rewards and travel insurance coverage. If you’re travelling on golf vacations or just for leisure, you can get an unlimited 1.5% cash rebate on overseas spending. On top of that, you are eligible for 15% off at The Zon duty free outlets

More importantly, the golf privileges are what you are interested in! With the CIMB World Mastercard, you can get 50% off green fees at 25 golf courses across 9 countries. You can find the courses at Mastercard Southeast Asia Golf

AFFIN INVIKTA Visa Infinite and AFFIN INVIKTA World Mastercard-i

AFFIN INVIKTA Visa Infinite and AFFIN INVIKTA World Mastercard-i golf privileges
Source: Affinonline

Along with AFFIN rewards, the AFFIN INVIKTA Visa Infinite and World Mastercard-i offers AFFIN reward points for both overseas and local transactions. Besides that, you can get airline miles conversion with over 20 airlines. At airports in Malaysia and selected airports worldwide, by presenting your AFFIN INVIKTA credit card at the Plaza Premium Lounge you can get unlimited complimentary access and access counter privileges. 

You get exclusive golf privileges with the AFFIN INVIKTA credit card. With it, you can get unlimited complimentary green fees and exclusive access to the finest golf courses in Malaysia and selected Southeast Asian countries. You will be able to enjoy a prestigious golf experience at prestigious golf courses in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. 

AFFIN World Mastercard and Visa Business Platinum

AFFIN World Mastercard and Visa Business Platinum golf privileges
Source: Affinonline

With the World Mastercard from AFFIN, you can convert airline miles to points and you can redeem complimentary flights. On top of that, the golf privileges include complimentary green fees for up to a maximum of three rounds of golf per month in a calendar year. It might not seem like much but it does pay off in the long run. 3 rounds of golf per month for a whole year! 

Maybank World Mastercard

Maybank World Mastercard Golf Privileges
Source: Maybank2u

The Maybank World Mastercard is one of the best cards to fulfill your travel needs. It allows you to enjoy free flights in the fastest way. You can earn Treat Airmiles that never expire and convert them into free flights. 

As for the golfing privileges, you can access both local and international golf courses with your cards. Click here for the local golf clubs and here for the international golf clubs. With the Maybank World Mastercard, you are eligible for complimentary green fees to play at 100 selected golf clubs worldwide. Moreover, your guests can save 10% on their green fees when they play with you.

Summary For Best Credit Cards With Golf Privileges In Malaysia

These 4 are currently some of the best ones out there. If there are more please do not hesitate to let us know about them! Most of the privileges you get can not only be applied locally but internationally as well therefore you can plan a nice golf vacation with your family and friends! Don’t miss out if you are eligible for these credit cards!

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