There are many different types of golf balls out there and using the right one for your game can be a challenge on its own. The best golf balls out there are built roughly the same. All of them usually have a thin but durable layer of urethane cover, but not all golf balls provide the same feel, long-distance, great value, high spin, or long-lasting durability. 

However, fear not.  Here are the top 5 best golf balls in 2022 that have different characteristics and it is up to you to decide based on your style of golf. 

Does the Toughness of a ball matter?

Does the toughness of a ball matter? Or does having more dimples or does the number of layers in a ball make a difference? The answer is yes. Certain balls have more than one layer inside the ball.

What type of golfer are you?

So, it’s important to know what kind of golf ball suits you, depending on what kind of golfer you are. To ensure that the shots are going straight, a beginner golfer should use a lower spin ball, a professional golfer would want to take advantage of a higher spin ball to have better control around the green and their tee shots. In providing distance as well as great spin power, the best thing will be to find a good balance.

Best Golf Balls

1. The Titlist AVX

Source- Golf Digest

One of the best golf balls that offers a decent all-around tee-to-green performance is the Titleist AVX. It has a great ball flight that is constant. The smart base, cover, and aerodynamic design allow a golfer to get a great soft feeling on all shots, providing the distance.

A premium ball with a price close to that of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x is also considered. It has 352 dimples on the ball and the special design of the dimples helps to create an optimal and consistent flight path. 


  • Suitable for all handicap golfers
  • Provides a consistent ball flight
  • Soft feel


  • The ball launches pretty low for some and has a lower spin than others.

2. Taylormade Tour Response

Source- American Golf

The Taylormade Tour Response is designed to perform. It has an ultra-low compression core that is within a triple layer urethane cover that will ensure that you get a high spin and provides durability as well. 

This design of the layers on this golf ball will make your golf short fly further with a minimalistic effort and with the high spin factor, it will definitely help you with your short game too. 


  • Flexible feel
  • Great backspin
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for high-level golfers

3. Taylormade TP5X

Source- Snainton Golf

This is a golf ball that was endorsed previously by the former World no 1. Rory Mcilroy. It has 5 layers within these balls. The core provides a progressive compression that transfers a lot of energy from your swing to the ball. In other words, the ball does not absorb much energy from your swing and it gives out the distance your swing was meant to produce. 

A little too much spin might be a challenge for some with a dual-spin cover, but it provides precision during positioning.


  • 5 layers within the golf ball
  • Good for green and tee
  • Suitable for all styles of play


  • Too much spin

4. The Vice Pro Soft

Source- Desertcart

The Vice Pro Soft is very suitable for those who have a medium to fast swing speed. This is one of the premium golf balls by Vice and it comes at a lower price compared to the other brands with similar spec. 

This is the first matte-finished ball that creates an anti-glare effect and provides more visibility during flight. Vice claims that they are the first to have a matte-finished cast urethane golf ball in the world. It also has very thin skin that can create a good amount of backspin as well. 


  • Great Value
  • Good visibility 
  • Anti-glare when you hit
  • Lower cost than other similar specs golf ball


  • High-level golfers might find this underwhelming 

5. The Bridgestone Tour B RX 

Source- Amazon

Thanks to its Gradational Compression Core, the Bridgestone Tour B RX has a low compression ratio. It also has a Dual Dimple design and Seamless Cover that provides great aerodynamics and can produce longer distances due to less drag. You can guarantee to have greater consistency in your game after switching to this ball

The Urethane cover provides the golf ball with high spins of iron shots but its core provides the ball with greater balance and consistency that will reduce the side spins off the tee. 


  • Consistent balls in terms of weight and diameter for all the ones that you buy
  • Long distance
  • Good Spin control


  • Not suitable for beginner golfers


Here are the 5 Best Golf Balls that we think are the best that you can buy in 2022. As you can tell, each ball has its unique characteristics. Choose whatever you think will suit you the best.

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