Due to COVID – 19 lockdown situation worldwide, golfers can’t scratch their golfing itch by going to golf courses as often as they used to. Let us help you with that by sharing the 5 items that you can buy to practise golf at home during this lockdown! This way, you will not be out of touch with your golf game when the restrictions have been lifted and you can go back to play more golf. πŸ™‚

1. Golf Net

Nets are very suitable for golfers if they have the available space within their homes to erect and you will be able to practice almost every golf club in your golf bag without the worry of smashing your wife’s favorite porcelain bowls.😜

Although you will not get the satisfaction to see where your golf shot flight, however, you are able to practice the your club contact and I am sure we all have hit our fair share of shanks to know that have a crisp club contact is crucial to beat your golf buddy the next time you meet on the golf course.

With Golf nets like the photo above, you can also practice your target shots as you can see that there are holes and a target in the middle. This can help with your aiming too!

2. Golf Mat

A golf mat where we are very familiar with when we practice at the driving ranges, they are usually very large in size and heavy, not practical to have at home. However, did you know that the golf mats come in different sizes where you can choose a suitable one for you.

Golf Mat

A golf mat would be very useful to have as well when you already have a golf net set up in your home. Even if you have a lawn at the back of your house, I am sure you would not like to have many divots where it will make your wife become very angry at you. 

Look for a suitable golf mat size where you will be able to stand on it as well as having an anchor system like having long screws or friction tape at the bottom so the mat does not move around every time you hit a ball. 

3. Putting Mat

A putting mat that you see in every Hollywood bankers office, has its strengths to improve your putting ability and it will translate well into your golf game. In reality, the greens on any course will not be a flat surface, however, it is useful for you to practice putting the ball in a straight line.

To practice putting a golf ball in a straight line, it will make sure that your putting form is always correct and when you putt on the course, you have mastered your putting habit to putt the ball exactly to the line that you’ve pre-aimed with the line on your golf ball.

This prevents you from screaming at your golf ball to listen to you because you’ve lost 50 bucks to your friend. 

Most putting mats come with a straight line as well because it helps you to visualise the putting path that you normally visualise on a golf course. We highly suggest that you place an iPad on a stool in front of you once you set up to putt next to your putting mat and find a putting tutorial to learn the routine a golfer should have to ensure consistency with your putts. There are plenty of putting tutorials, tips, and tricks on Youtube. 

4. Practice balls

Practice balls are available for a cheap price online as well as in stores. However, we would suggest you look for them online because we don’t think that the government would classify them as essential goods. 

The practice balls are usually made out of foam or plastics. Although they may not feel like the real deal, however, it acts the same way as a normal golf ball coming into contact with your golf club. This can be good because like we mentioned before, your wife’s porcelain bowls are very precious. 

5. Chipping Nets

The final item that we think is affordable and convenient to have at your home would be to have a chipping net. If you have bought the golf mats and practice balls, the chipping net can help you improve your chipping game.

The chip shot may not seem like something that needs to practice. We beg to differ. A chip shot can differentiate your next putt being a 5-foot putt to a 20-foot putt. The possibility of you sinking a 5-foot putt over a 20-foot putt is definitely higher. 

With a chipping net, you will be able to train on hitting a specific distance chip shot towards the location on where you would visualise your ball to land on the green. As we all know that the ball will roll a distance before it comes to a stop on a green, so to get the precise chipping distance to land before the flagstick, would definitely help your golf game in the future.

It will also bring you great value in the future because, to practice chip shots on a driving range, usually makes you feel like you’re wasting the ball. Therefore, having a chipping net, you can practice your chip shot anytime, even after the lockdown has lifted. 


Here are the 5 golf items that we think can help you maintain or improve your golf game during the COVID – 19 lockdown and it also helps to fight the boredom of being stuck in your respective homes.

We would also like to wish everyone to stay safe during these trying times and let’s practice more golf at home to flatten the curve. 

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Golf at home & stay healthy!πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ