Golf for beginners is not a new thing. You may remember school extracurricular activities consisting mainly of badminton, basketball or soccer sessions but you may or may not have also heard that golf is one of the oldest and most enjoyed games on the planet, requiring skill and patience to master.  Despite this, the great sport of golf is considered a pretty niche mode of leisure. A pastime enjoyed by a certain type of person. 

If you or someone you know happens to fall within the category of those who consider golf is an “old man’s” sport, a closer inspection may be needed. Because striking a tiny hard ball into a series of holes with an iron on a massive outdoor course is not as easy as you may think. Newcomers to the sport may come to this realisation fairly quickly, or after completely missing the target with every full-powered swing they can unleash. 

An old-timer golfer, on the other hand, can make those that are a little ‘wet behind the ears’ look like complete clowns simply due to the hidden depth and sophistication involved in this sport where every game you play can come with its own set of intriguing challenges. Still not convinced?

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider taking up the great sport of golf, especially golf for beginners. Read on.


6 Reason Why you should Play Golf for Beginners


1. It can help you stay fit mentally and physically

When done right, golf keeps you on your toes. It’s a thinking man’s game that’s almost like chess. Various strategies and techniques go into making a great player and mastering golf require that you strike a fine balance between precision, great form and a little cardio to boot. Even some of the golf for beginners can find the process of hitting a ball and making their way to where it landed a tiring ordeal. Golf can also be a therapeutic stress reliever. Which probably makes sense if you think about how the combination of sending a little ball sailing through the air and strolling through wide open spaces can make you feel.



2. It’s a great way to socialise

In addition, golf is a great way to spend time socialising with your golf buddies and business partners or to simply meet new people/strangers. Think of the numerous business propositions and important political decisions made by people in power that happened over a game of golf. You’ve probably seen those scenes in the movies and you know what they say right? It’s only a cliché because it’s true.

Even if you aren’t a president or big-time corporate tycoon, meeting new people can be a good enough reason to get into golf. Have a little fun, loosen up and live your life a little. Don’t have anyone to play with? Technology has advanced to the point that now you can simply download a good golf match app and get a group together.



3. It could very well be the game of a lifetime

Because you may never get bored of golf. Which is contrary to what many non-golfers may believe. The reason is every game you play can offer such a range of possibilities. Every group you interact with and play on can bring something brand new, keeping the sports dynamic, fresh and engaging. Golf for beginners will face this experience in no time.



4. It’s a way for you to stay competitive, even as you age

If you’re an older man or woman, golf isn’t just a great way to stay in shape. It can also be a great way to keep your mind sharp as the years roll by. The beautiful game of golf can keep your fire for competition burning. And you’ll likely not have to worry too much about straining your back. This is why professional careers in golf can be much longer compared to other sports. Take Phil Mickelson for example, who is a champion golfer that achieved more on the course when he was 48 than many other golfers do in their entire lifetimes.



5. It brings you closer to nature

Golf is unlike many other sports is due to the particular way in which it is played. And you may be hard-pressed to find another sport that can give you the kind of laid-back pacing that a chilled game of golf can. Walking under a blue sky and enjoying the sights of nature can be an experience to cherish and return to. 



6. It can help build your character

Essentially, golf pits against yourself. Learning to deal with your frustration, and weaknesses can be an amazing way for you to grow as a player and as a human being, especially golf for beginners. How strong their will to not give up and keep on training will surely build up their characters.



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