Romance. One of the biggest excitements and mysteries in life. People usually picture candlelit dinners at fancy restaurants with wine. However, Golf is like a good romance too. Imagine a full day with your partner just hanging out at the golf course playing some golf and maybe a nice lunch or dinner after the round.

Romance is not fixed to what we perceive it to be, rather what we want it to be whether it is candlelit dinners, sitting on your couch or playing golf. 

Why Golfers Can Be Good Romantically

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It’s no secret that you could tell what a person is like from a round of golf. You have about 4 hours on the golf course with that person and you converse in depth. It’s hard to keep small talk throughout a whole round. Golfers also possess some quality attributes that are beneficial to their romantic life!

Perks of Golfers

Great Talkers

Golfers spend hours out on a golf course conversing with others constantly. They are not on their phone. The only form of socialization there is in person. Do not worry about getting awkward with a golfer on a date! 


This is incredible and I mean utterly incredible. Have you seen golfers wandering about in the trees for long periods of time looking for their balls? The determination they have to find their balls when it is close to impossible sometimes. Truly respectable. But please move along if you can’t find your ball within the allocated time! Don’t slow play down!

In addition, imagine the patience golfers have to wait for 3 other golfers to hit a ball before moving on to their next shot. Some golfers take forever before taking their swings. 


MOST golfers will be very punctual for their dates. Exactly how they will not be late for their tee time! 


Golf is not an easy sport. It takes time and effort to learn. If a golfer is into you, they will make an effort to get to know you better! Furthermore, the handicap system. Golfers are committed to lower their handicap each time they play. 


Do not worry about golfers losing focus while you are talking about anything that you might find silly. Golfers have already trained long and hard to stay focused while hitting a ball. They are surely able to maintain focus during a date!

These are some of the attributes of dating golfers. We could be wrong but these sure are some honest positives. Some people even say that golfers are honest and old-fashioned gentlemen. 

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Deemples Dating

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Just for clarifications sake, Deemples is not a dating app. It was created to allow golfers to reach out to other golfers. It is to help you find new golfing buddies wherever you may be. Our plan is to ensure that you will never golf alone again!

However, it sometimes may feel like it is a dating app. Imagine using a dating app and you met someone on it. You two hit it off and probably decided to meet. All those emotions and feelings kick in, the nerves, the excitement, all of it. Maybe it leads to more, maybe it doesn’t, but at least there was an opportunity to try.

On Deemples it is somewhat similar. You meet with people that you have never met before in your life to play golf with. It’s basically like a date but this time, you are doing something that you both have in common which is play golf. The setting is set, the attires are in check and you would not need to plan the activity as it is going to be playing golf. Furthermore, golf is a healthy activity so that is a plus. Maybe after the game you’re feeling a little feisty and want to take him/her out. 

You might meet many along the way and that is normal. With each time you’d learn something new about the game and yourself. You might gain an insight into what kind of person you like and don’t. In any case where you click with someone, it just escalates from there. On the contrary, if you do not click romantically, it is still a win because you have made a new friend to golf with! That is if you two chose to remain as friends. 

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One key thing to remember here is that you can learn so much about a person in a round of golf. Most of their character and personality will be visible. Maybe it’s a good thing to meet someone on a golf course.

Summary of Why Golf Is Like A Good Romance

These are our reasons why golf is like a good romance. Maybe after reading this, you can try taking your date out on a date on the golf course and see how things go! Let us know how your experiences go or if you did meet a soulmate on the course or something related to golf!

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You can download the Deemples app and host or join games today! Besides never golfing alone again! You might meet a special someone whether it is a romantic partner or a friend for life!