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TeeNet Vs Deemples 2020

7 April 2020

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Online tee-time booking is an essential service in our modern golfing times. The ease of knowing beforehand if a club has your desired time for you and your mates is comparable. For example, rocking up to the golf course where slots are usually available, only to be turned away because of an unexpectedly large group turning up at the same time as you.

On the other hand, most other industries have already gone digital with their booking systems. It is about time that the golf industry modernises to keep up with the needs of golfers.

Many clubs and courses are heavily reliant on green fees revenue. As a result, they benefit from growth in this sector as it allows clubs to forecast demand correctly.

In this article, we compare the differences between TeeNet and Deemples. Both are services that caters to the golf industry, but read on to find out what makes each unique.


It is MiClub’s initiative launched in 2016. It provides the golf industry with a more profitable way to sell and market tee times to a broad reach of public and private players.

The website provides a unique way to promote public tee times and grow this revenue stream as a national aggregated booking site. It also promotes tee times to both public players and members of private clubs.

The benefits for clubs and players to use this site are:

  • No commissions
  • Booking fee-free
  • No administration charges
  • Zero advertising
  • Free from contractual pricing arrangements, and
  • Timely payments to clubs

With a total of 166 clubs (and growing) across Australia on the platform, there is no doubt that it is one of the best options for golfers looking to book their tee-off time.



While TeeNet is a tee time booking site, Deemples is a FREE golf app. Where they are the same, however, that they both solve the problem of making it easy for people to golf. At the moment, these 6 countries will “never golf alone” – Australia (starting with VIC), Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore.

Where they differ, is that Deemples fills the void that no other site does. And that is solving the problem of finding other golfers to golf with, whenever you want to golf. There are plenty of golfers that would like to squeeze in a game on the weekdays, maybe because they are on a 4-on/4-off schedule, or a quick 9-hole on Sunday evenings. The app allows you to join other golfer’s games, or to create your own and let others join you.

There is no point for golfers to book tee-times if they can’t find golf mates to tee-off with. We all know that golf buddies help golfers golf more regularly.


As mentioned previously, Deemples is a free download, and no-cost to use. It supplements golf courses and clubs and supports golfers to fill out a flight. Golf booking sites like TeeNet and Deemples work hand-in-hand together to help the golf industry thrive, and make it easy for golfers to get out there and get in a good game of golf.

We hope you enjoyed reading our TeeNet vs Deemples comparison. To know more about the app please click here.

Download the free app for Google Play and Apple App Store.

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