The famous Kelab Golf Sarawak is located within 10km of the center of Kuching City. Kelab Golf Sarawak, or commonly known as “KGS” by the locals, is the only 36-hole golf club in Sarawak. There are two 18-hole golf courses which are Matang/Santubong (facing south), and Siol/Demak (facing north).

Kelab Golf Course

The Matang and Santubong course each have nine holes which add up to 18 holes, same goes with the Siol and Demak course. However, the difference between the two is the Matang and Santubong courses is the older course. It is known for being longer, having faster greens, and is overall better compared to the newer Siol and Demak course. The Matang/Santubong course is named after the two mountain ranges in Sarawak — Santubong and Matang. Therefore, the clear view of the mountains from the course gives the golf club its own unique experience.

Kelab Golf Sarawak Driving Range

In addition, the KGS driving range is also available. It is open until night to allow night time training. Apart from golf, they also provide other sporting and recreational activities that are definitely worth a go. Some of which include an Olympic size swimming pool, indoor badminton hall, squash courts, and tennis courts. Plus, the clubhouse is beautifully designed to where it resembles the Pyramid of Giza. Though there is nothing “ancient” about this golf club, its facilities are truly well crafted and maintained.

Golf Courses in Kuching

Kelab Golf Sarawak Details


Kelab Golf Sarawak Rates

WeekdaysRM150 for 18 holes
RM75 for 9 holes
Weekends/Public HolidaysRM200 for 18 holes
RM100 for 9 holes
Green Fees

KGS Membership

MembershipEntrance FeeMonthly Subscription
Individual Member
Individual Member
Corporate Member
RM40,000RM120 per nominee
Corporate Member
N/ARM120 per nominee
Family MemberN/ARM13
Junior MemberRM100RM23
Team Member
(Annually Renewable)
Team Member
(Annually Renewable)
KGS Membership Rates

Kelab Golf Sarawak Operating Hours

DaysOperating Hours
Monday – Friday9.00AM – 5.00PM
Saturday9.00AM – 1.00PM
KGS Operating Hours

Reception Counter: Daily (6.00AM – 7.00PM)


Kelab Golf Sarawak is a must for golfers. Apart from having the choice to choose from two different courses to play at, this golf club also offers other recreational and sporting facilities. Whether you’re an avid golfer or not, there is something for everyone which makes this golf club suitable for anyone looking to have a good time.

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