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Golf Courses in Kuching

1 April 2019

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Kuching the capital city of Sarawak, East Malaysia is popular among the tourists because of its rich culture, major food destination and amazing places to visit. But this city has a lot to offer for the golfers also. There are some astonishing Golf Courses in Kuching which will be safe to say as a golfers paradise.

Here is our list of Golf Courses in Kuching we think you should try. Hang tight and read the whole article. Happy reading!

Golf Courses in Kuching

Sarawak Google Map

Sarawak is the biggest state in Malaysia. There are so many golf courses in Sarawak as you can see from the map. But here we are writing about try worthy golf courses in Kuching, so it will be easier for you to play around there. Just to provide a clear view of the golf courses in Kuching we added the Map below.

Kuching Golf Courses on Map

Damai Golf & Country Club :

Only 20 minutes away from Kuching on the South China Sea, Damai Golf & Country Club established in 1996 and designed by Arnold Palmer. The golf club is approximately 30 kilometers from Kuching airport. Surrounding by the hills of Mount Santubong, rocky surface and beaches this golf course is a magnificent piece of art.

It’s not only the scenic beauty that makes Damai special, around the years they have hosted major golf events which includes the Damai Challenge, Carlsberg Golf Classic and the World Golf Amateur Challenge.


  • Damai golf club consists two 18-holes par 72 golf courses, which includes the Mountain Nine and the Ocean Nine.
  • The Mountain Nine comes with challenges in a rocky and natural rainforest setting whereas the Ocean Nine features the view of South China sea and a scenic fairway.
  • Provides grass driving range.
  • Amenities include practice areas, café, pro shop and locker rooms.

Kelab Golf Sarawak:

This golf club was established in 1985 with the design of Nigel Douglas. Located 10 kilometers from the center of Kuching City Kelab Golf Sarawak is the only 36-hole golf course in Sarawak.

This 6,776 meter golf course was designed to test the golfers striking accuracy and to evaluate their course management skill. The combination of the undulating grassed fairways and tactically placed hazards provides challenges to the golfers of all levels.


  • Kelab Golf Sarawak is consists of two golf courses- Mantang/Santubong 18 and Siol/ Demak 18. Mantang is known as the ‘Old Course’ while the Siol is known as the ‘New Course’.
  • Both the courses are 18-holes par 72 with several challenges designed for the golfers.
  • KSG provides lighted driving range and clubhouse catering according to every golfers needs.
  • The clubhouse has a resemblance of a remarkable pyramid of Pharaoh.
  • You will get an outstanding view after finishing the 9th in both the courses.
  • Their amenities include a restaurant with Chinese, Western, Japanese and Thai cuisines.

Hornbill Golf & Country Club:

A true golfing paradise located in the Borneo Highlands Resort was launched in 199 by Tiger Woods during the World Cup Golf at the Mines Resort & Golf Club. This golf club is about an hour drive from Kuching airport.

After launching it instantly was acclaimed worldwide. This golf course was designed by Neil Crafter with the purpose to reflect the nature and to outline highland location in Sarawak.

This golf course allows the golfers to play in an amazing jungle scenario. It offers the golfers to experience ‘Golfing In The Cloud’. The climate of the highland adds another unique experience. Once you come to this magnificent place you would want to come here again and again.


  • Hornbill Golf & Country Club is a brilliantly designed 18-hole course.
  • The rugged mountain land of this golf course challenges the golfers both mentally and physically.
  • Offers an amazing golfing experience to the golfers.
  • This golf course is breathtakingly beautiful but heartbreakingly tough.


We think these Golf Courses in Kuching, Sarawak is a must to be on your golfing playlist. If you happen to be in Sabah and have no one to play golf with, Deemples golf app is here to help you.

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If you are planning to roam around East Malaysia for golfing, we will recommend you to check out Golf Courses in Sabah on our website.

Thanks for reading!!! 🙂

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