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Deemples is a golf app that currently thousands of golfers in 5 countries use to find other golfers to play golf with. We’re in a niche industry that targets an affluent audience, mostly consisting of senior executives, professionals, and business owners. Our mission is to use technology to help them golf whenever and wherever they want to, whilst growing the golf industry.

The Deemples team is lean and independent. Our 5 person team works remotely across the Kuala Lumpur area, connected by tools that keep workflow progress and communications fluid, building and marketing great technology that improves the golfing experience for both golfers and golf clubs.

After our successful capital fundraising from our beloved users, it’s time to put the funds to good use, to improve the organising and booking experience for golfers and golf courses. For that, Deemples need to hire a kick-ass team to help us help the golf industry grow.

We are looking for –

What You Will Get:

  • The chance to be part of the change of the golf industry.
  • Key player in a very lean tech startup.

If you are interested or know anyone who loves golf and might want to join us to grow the golf industry, search for these jobs on Indeed. You can also leave us an email at hello@deemples.com for your preferred position.

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