Johor Finale 2020 @ The Els Club Desaru Coast

The most anticipated Johor Series Finale 🏆 took place at The Els Club Desaru Coast on Saturday 19 Dec 2020, organised by none other than amazing Kapten K’RuL.

This game saw the most joiners of Johor Series 2020. 42 golfers joined to battle it out. Everyone teed-off by 8.30 am. The weather was comfortable throughout the event, cloudy not very hot. Everyone had lots of fun playing at Desaru Coast!

Prizes were given out for best net scores & also was a lucky draw for the participants. Prizes Included TaylorMade Golf tour bags, 40 inch TV, and a bunch of other stuff.

Congrats to Ah Hock Lim for winning with a killer net 66, & gross of 87. Remy Carlos came in 2nd place with his amazing net 69. Norf Airuzan & Wan Amie tied with net 70. But using the USGA Tiebreakers method Norf came in 3rd & Wan 4th. 5th place was taken by Omar Ali with net 74.

The rest of the results:


Kapten K’RuL leveraged on the Deemples handicap, scoring, and registration platform. So that the Johor Series Finale 2020 event could have been run nice and easy.

Johor Bahru Golfers Club – JBGC

2021 is knocking at the door. Hopefully, 2021 will be better than this weird year 2020. Fun at Johor will still continue but with a new name Johor Bahru Golfers Club – JBGC. From the name you can understand it is a community for Johor golfers to have fun together & do what they love the most – golfing. The great Kapten K’RuL will be hosting the games as usual & will make sure everyone has a great time.

JBGC will be hosting their games on Deemples & will use Deemples handicap, scoring, and registration platform, to make organising games easier.


Check out the schedule of JBGC next year on Deemples, search “JBGC” and don’t miss out!

Come on Johor! Let’s golf more!!!🏌️‍♂️

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