Putters are an essential golf club in every golfer’s golf bag. Without a putter, you simply won’t be able to get the ball into the hole which is a vital part of the game. Aside from that, you should also look into the length of putters and how to correctly measure them. If this is your first time learning about putters, do not fret. In this article, we will be guiding you through how to measure a putter length.

How To Measure Putter Length

Does Putter Length Matter?

Before we get into how to measure putter length, it’s important that we mention the elephant in the room: Why do we measure putter length?

There are three reasons why it is important to measure your putter length:

  1. If the putter isn’t the right length for you, then your setup will suffer.
  2. With the right putter length, your strokes will be more consistent.
  3. It will help you develop speed control.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

How To Measure Putter Length

The Tools You Need

First things first, let’s get into the tools you’ll need before you start measuring the right putter length for you. You will need a 48” straight edge aluminium ruler. Now, why aluminium? Well, an aluminium straight edge will sit more accurately when you’re trying to determine the exact length of a putter. And trust me, a slight error in measuring a putter will significantly impact your performance. Plus, you will also need a clean and flat work surface to see accurate results.

Steps On How To Measure Putter Length

Step 1 – Hold your putter so that the centre of it is flat on the ground. For now, do not worry about your typical stance when putting because measuring the length has nothing to do with the way you stroke. Keep that in mind.

Step 2 – Grab your aluminium straight edge and place the bottom in line with the centre of your putter. Now, make sure to keep the measuring device as close to the shaft as possible.

Step 3 – The number that shows at the very top of the grip is your putter length.

Common Putter Lengths

Now that you’ve completed the process of measuring your putter, you may start to wonder what the common putter measurements are. In general, most putters can be anywhere from 32 to 52 inches in length. Most putters you find in golf shops will likely be around 34 to 35 inches in length. But if you’re getting a measurement of 34 ⅛ then you are likely using a 34 inch.

The thing about putters is that the USGA has no restrictions when it comes to the length. For starters, just like any other golf club, putters should at least be 18 inches in length. Drivers, woods, hybrids, and irons should remain no longer than 48 inches to be considered legal. Putters however are not restricted to this rule. In other words, putters can be as long as you want them to be and it will still be legal.

Does Your Putter Length Suit You?

Now, we’ll get into the right putter length suited for you. The reason being is that putter length will directly affect speed consistency and distance control, it’s important that you understand the length of a putter that is perfect for you. Here are some of the factors that will decide if a putter length is correct for you.


First, take your typical stance when you hit a putt. Then, get your eyes lined up just like you would if you were to hit the golf ball. Now, drop a second ball from your eyes directly down to the golf ball mentioned. The ball that you dropped should hit the ball on the ground. When your eyes are directly over the ball, it allows for a more natural putting stroke.

Now once in that position, you should be able to notice if your putter is too short for you when you find yourself way bent over. In this case, you’ll need a longer putter. On the other hand, if you find yourself not being able to bend over enough to get your eyes over the ball, then your putter might be too long for you.

Putting Stroke

Your putting stroke can also affect the length of the putter you should be using. A general rule of thumb is to keep practising your putting strokes until you notice what works for you. If you enjoy making a large sweeping arc then you will need a longer putter. So as always, keep practising your strokes.


Your height is equally as important when choosing the right length of a putter. In general, your putter length should be proportionate to your height. So a shorter player will benefit more from short putters while a taller player will benefit more from using long putters. Below is a fitting chart as a guide on where you should land on the spectrum.

Height in FeetHeight in CentimetresPutter Length
4’10 and shorter147 and below31″
5’2 – 5’4157 – 16332″
5’5 – 5’8165 – 17333″
5’10 – 5’11178 – 18034″
6′ and taller180 and above35″


There you have it! Now you know how to correctly measure a putter length. We hope this article was of help to you and you’re able to take your putting strokes to the next level. If you enjoyed reading this article, then check out the Top 10 Best Putters Of All Time.

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