Golfers playing at The Mines Resort and Golf Club have been making payments for their games more and more in advance in the last few months. The Mines Resort and Golf Club has in recent months initiated dynamic pricing models, powered by Deemples.

Dynamic pricing is very commonly used in golf courses all around the world especially in the US, Europe and Australia where a big percentage of the population plays golf. Dynamic pricing is even more common in all other industries in the travel and hospitality sector including airlines, hotels, some ground travel, and tourist attractions.

“Dynamic pricing is something very easy to implement but currently no other golf course in Malaysia implements it yet. We have seen golfers making payment easily as early as 7 days in advance to take advantage of lower fares, whilst the late joiners don’t mind the higher prices because other golfers are already in the game, and options are limited when it is closer to the game date. It’s also more fun when more people are playing, hence commanding a higher price for the remaining slots that are paid later.” Ezani Balia, Senior Manager, Operations of The Mines Resort and Golf Club said.

Ezani also adds that, “This only is possible if paying at the counter is way more expensive than making payment online. If the difference is small, then golfers will not mind making payment at the counter, which then puts the club at risk until the golfer shows up. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, this concept is regularly used by all time-based industries. Thanks to the Deemples team who made this available to us via their technologies, in addition to increasing yields, we’ve reduced human resources required to manage bookings, since everything is automated, and the team can focus on other more valuable activities.”

David Wong, founder of Deemples, shared that this COVID pandemic has pushed quite a few golf courses in Malaysia to adopt digital means of bookings, not only for efficiency and improved yields, but also safety of both golfers and the club staff, since no payment or contact has to be made when the golfers arrive at the golf course. Since golfers have already made payment, they can head directly to the buggies reserved for them, and head to the tee box at their designated tee times.

SK Hong, club manager of 9 hole golf facility The Club @ Bukit Utama, situated right in the middle of the city who sees a lot of beginner golfers shares his view, “We’ve used Deemples since 2 years ago, and have seen an uptick of new and young golfers especially during the pandemic. Our golfers are getting younger and more tech savvy, so we always make sure we’re on the latest tools and technologies that enable our new audience to play at our facilities in the most seamless and efficient way.”

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