Golf Influencers are a vital part of creating a strong and loyal community of golfers. The sport of golf is extremely versatile when it comes to content creation and generating ideas. Most golf influencers have come up with fun and entertaining concepts that centers around the sport which has made them renowned individuals on social media. If you’re the type of person who loves golf and entertainment, then here are the 10 golf influencers that you should follow.

Top Golf Influencers You Should Follow

1. Garrett Clark

Golf Influencers

Garret Clark is an American Golfer and YouTuber with over 60k subscribers and averages around 175k views per video on his channel so far. He is a member of Good Good Golf, a group of content creators who post entertaining and light-hearted golf content on a YouTube channel with over 700k subscribers. Garet Clark currently has over 520k followers on Instagram where he posts a ton of entertaining golf content.

2. Hailey Rae Ostrom

Golf Influencers

This 24-year-old professional golfer is a woman of many talents. She posts fun and light-hearted golf content on her YouTube channel with over 20k subscribers. Hailey currently has over 380k followers on Instagram where she shares her day-to-day as a professional golfer. Plus, she is sponsored by Nike, Marriott Golf, Rukket Sports, and NoSweat. It’s safe to say she’s among the best pro golfers on Instagram.

3. Tania Tare

Golf Influencers

Another professional golfer on the list is non-other than Tania Tare. She currently has over 316k followers on Instagram where she posts golf trick shots and other entertaining golf content which sets her way apart from other golf influencers in the best way possible. She is also the co-founder of Rebuzz, a social media app and she is currently sponsored by Addidas and Audemars Piguet.

4. Isabelle Shee

Golf Influencers

Yet another professional female golfer is the one and only Isabelle Shee. This 25-year-old golf influencer posts golf swing videos and modelling shots on her Instagram of over 230k followers. She also posts creative and fun golf content on her YouTube channel which currently has over 45k subscribers.

5. Bryan Bros

Golf Influencers

Professional golfing brothers, George and Wesley Bryan post a ton of entertaining golf content on their Youtube Channel called “Bryan Bros Golf” which has over 143k subscribers and averages over 70k views per video. Plus, you can also check out more golf content on their Instagram account which currently has over 174k followers. They also stream even more golf content live on Twitch so you can get in on the action in real-time.

6. Mike Bury

Mike Bury is a six-time Golf Digest award-winning golf instructor and CEO of Eight Under Golf. He posts educational golf content on his socials for those looking to get better at golf. Mike has a total of 172k followers on his Instagram account where he posts daily content on golf tutorials. On YouTube, Mike has over 13k subscribers and he posts educational and entertaining golf content since 2009. 

7. Savannah Vilaubi

Savannah Vilaubi is a professional golfer who shares her journey and day-to-day as a professional golfer on her Instagram. She has over 74k followers on Instagram where you can follow her growth and success as a pro golfer and perhaps find some inspiration and incentive to become a pro golfer yourself.

8. Anthony Taranto

Anthony Taranto is a Pro Tour Club Artist at Callaway who makes one-of-a-kind wedges for the best golfers in the world. He has over 70k followers on Instagram where he posts his art designs on golf clubs and his process of creating them. He averages around 50k views per Insta reel where he showcases fun and entertaining edits of him creating art on golf clubs.

9. Evan Schiller

Evan Schiller is a talented photographer who photographs golf courses around the world. He has amassed over 58k followers on Instagram where he posts his amazing photography work of golf courses from every corner of the world. He also averages 20k views on Insta reels where he posts edits and drone shots of golf courses that are extremely eye-catching and impressive.

10. Golf Memes Tour

This Instagram account posts daily golf memes and funny golf content that will for sure get you to chuckle. They currently have over 28k followers on Instagram and average around 20k views on reels. You can count on Golf Memes Tour to provide you with some quality daily golf memes to brighten your day on the golf course.


It is safe to say that the sport of golf is in good hands especially considering the amount of quality golf content being put out there by these Instagram golf influencers. If you wish to be inspired or motivated, go ahead and give these top golf influencers a follow. Hopefully, you get something great out of it for your own golfing journey.

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