Golf is best known as a courteous game. This game comes with many rules and traditions. For any game, there are certain etiquettes which should be adhered to prevent any sort of disturbance and make it a peaceful game. Every player should respect and obey those etiquette. Just like that in the game of golf, it comes with some golf etiquettes you should follow as a golfer whether as a beginner or professional.

If you search for the golf etiquettes you will find a lot which may get hard for you to understand. So here in this article, we tried to make it easy for you and came up with 10 golf etiquettes that you must follow when you are on the course.

Golf Etiquettes You Should Follow:

1. Turn off your cell phone

This is one of the most important golf course etiquettes a golfer should follow while playing. When you are playing make sure that your phone is turned off or at least is on silent mode. Otherwise, it will break the concentration of other golfers around you when it rings and will leave a bad image of you.

If you must call someone or receive a call, make sure that you distance yourself from others. Also, keep the conversation as short and quiet as possible.

2. Don’t walk on another Golfer’s line

When you’re on the course pay attention to your playing partner’s line. As the golf greens are very soft, if you walk on his/her line it creates a footprint which may interfere with their putt. Be nice and let them have a fair chance of putting on their line. Make sure to always remember this golf course etiquette. Manners can go a long way, even on the golf course.

3. Beware of your shadow


When you are on the putting green pay attention to your shadow. This is especially during the early morning hours, or evenings when shadows become long. Your shadow is part of you, so a shadow too close to your playing partner when they’re putting might distract them if you decide to move. Even worse if your shadow is directly over the line where they’re putting! So be very conscious of where you’re casting your shadow when other players hit. When it comes to golf etiquette, where to stand is something you must have a good grasp on in order to not ruin other golfers’ day.

4.  Don’t stand in viewable line of others

Whenever someone else is playing or getting ready to hit a shot, especially on the green, make sure you are standing at a proper distance, and not in the viewable line of the golfer. Some golfers like to watch and learn from other golfers by standing behind when they’re hitting their drive/putt, and some stand in front of their line while golfers are putting. For the best golf etiquette, standing behind players is optimal.

What you could do, is stand away from their line, but move in to see their line after they have made their shot. This is the most important golf etiquette on the tee box that every golfer should know.

5. Be silent when others are hitting


If someone is about to hit or preparing for the hit, keep still. Distracting activities are considered very poor golf etiquette. Talking too much can be extremely disrespectful and annoying in most situations especially while golfing. Always stand in an appropriate place and be silent. The best position would be staying diagonal behind or across and behind other players’ set up.

In addition to being quiet when others are hitting, other distracting sounds like ruffling with clubs in the bag, or throwing empty bottles away into a nearby win, or any noise would be considered a distraction and would be frowned upon.

6. Arrive 30 minutes before tee time

Maintaining time is considered as a good manner whether it’s your golf date or any other work. It doesn’t matter whom you are playing with, show up at least 30 minutes before tee time. This leaves sufficient time for you to get changed, take a dump, put your make-up and sunscreen on, put your bags in the locker, and register with the golf counter for your round.

Then, be at the tee box 10 min before your tee time. You should respect others’ time and not be late on the course. Also, a last-minute change of plans is very disrespectful since you agreed in advance to play. Other golfers made time for you, there’s no reason you should waste their time.

7. Shout “FORE” if the ball is heading to others

When you hit your ball, and it’s heading towards another human being, be it another golfer, the golf course maintenance personnel, a caddy, or a golf marshal, shout “fore” so that person is aware and can duck for safety.

Golf balls can kill if it lands on your head, or injure you severely (sometimes even break bones) if it hits you elsewhere.

Shouting takes way less effort than someone going to the hospital, or to the grave. If you’re unsure if there are people whom you’re hitting, shouting “fore” is encouraged. Better safe than sorry.

8. Dropping at incorrect places


Decide the proper relief area in which to drop your ball. If the ball is dropped incorrectly you may lift the ball and drop it as many times as you want. However, if the ball is dropped incorrectly and you play it, a penalty will incur. When it comes to golf etiquette, rules still apply no matter what you do.

On the other hand, some golfers drop at incorrect places to benefit their game. We want to be mindful that doing that constitutes cheating, and while no one else can see, you and your conscience know it. Karma might bite back!

9. Move to the next hole first, score/clean equipment later


As part of keeping pace with the game, a lot of things can be done to speed up the game. If you’re a newer golfer and take more time while playing since you take more strokes, you can make that time back by doing other things quicker.

Do a lot of the things at the next hole. Instead of right after the hole, where everyone including the flight behind is waiting, you can do the following at the next hole:

  • Clean clubs
  • Clean balls
  • Write scores down
  • Put clubs into the bag when buggy-mate is ready to go

Do all these at the next hole.

10. If you can’t see the flight in front, you’re slow

A few other things you can do to speed up:

  • Play ready golf. Don’t need to go in turn of honour (player who played the least strokes the hole before).
  • Be ready for your turn. Don’t dilly dally when it’s your turn, be aware, and once it’s your turn, go.
  • Get to the tee box as soon as you arrive at the hole.
  • If you lose your ball, you have 3 minutes to find it. After which, drop a ball on the fairway at the nearest point where your ball was lost and take a 2-stroke penalty (2019 new rules).
  • Help a struggling player rake bunkers, find their ball, lift up the pin, and carry clubs. We all have that one occasional hole where we blow up, and are all over the place. Help others to speed up too.

Contrary to popular belief, where you are slow if the flight behind is on your tail, that’s not true. You are slow if you cannot see the flight in front of you. Speed up, so everyone can be happy.

Summary of Golf Etiquettes

These are the top 10 golf etiquette for beginners that every golfer should keep in mind when playing golf. By learning the above etiquettes you can avoid being the irritating one.

Following these rules will also show how professional and respectful you are towards the game. Give your best shot to keep track of these etiquettes and enjoy your game. We hope you learned something new from these golf etiquettes you should follow.

If you are a Newbie at golf then please do check out “How to start golf?” and “Golf 101: Basics of Golfing You Should Know” on our website.

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