Very often we dream about buying the best and newest drivers, irons, putters and overlook the importance of finding suitable golf grips. Remember that the grip is the only thing your hand is in contact with when you play golf! You should find out what grips suit your hands and that will boost your confidence when you step up for your shot. Comfort and feel is always what you should look out for.

Golf Grip Sizes

Golf grips come in a few different sizes and thickness and everyone has different hand sizes. You might be a person with bigger hands therefore might want to use thicker grips to fill out more of your hand. However it is entirely down to personal preference and feel when it comes to choosing the thickness. A benefit of thicker grips is that it allows you to use less wrist and hand movements to keep the hands quiet during the swing.

Different grip sizes

  • Junior – various sizes, smaller and shorter than a standard
  • Undersize – 0.4 millimeters smaller than a standard
  • Standard – 14.7 millimeters in diameter
  • Midsized – 1.6 millimeters larger than standard
  • Jumbo size – 3.175 millimeters larger than standard

To make minor adjustments to a grip, you can request to add layers of tape between the shaft and grip to fit your style. Typically one wrap of tape will add 0.4 millimeters in diameter to the grip. As for putters, many players prefer the thicker grips as they help take out the hand and wrist movements from the stroke. This encourages them to utilize their shoulder and arms to rock the putter back and through.

An important note to remind you golfers is that it is entirely down to personal feel and preference so remember to try them out in your hands before you make your purchase!

Types of Golf Grips

Rubber Grips

These are the most common golf grips around. Rubber is easy to produce and shape, and it has a firm, tacky feel. Other uncommon materials out there are silicon and plastic.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 Grip
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip

Wrap Grips

A lot like badminton and tennis grips where the grip is a piece of leather wrapped spirally around the club. A soft and tacky feeling.

Lamkin wrapped grip
Lamkin Wrapped Grip

Corded Grips

Cord is a brushed cotton fiber built into the grip that wicks away moisture therefore it can give you more control over your club when there is moisture in your palms. This material provides more traction in your hands in the rain or in really hot weathers where your palms sweat a lot.

Lamkin Corded Grip
Lamkin Corded Grip

Rounded & Ribbed grips

Rounded grips are grips that run evenly around the club therefore when you manipulate the face of the club the grip is still round in your hands. On the other hand, ribbed grips contain a small ridge that runs down the entire grip. This is beneficial as it allows you to be consistent when you grip the club. It can remind you where to put your hands and thumbs to get that neutral position.

Ribbed Golf Grip
Ribbed Golf Grip

Lightweight Grips

As technologies advanced where drivers and fairway woods get lighter, naturally golf grips for these clubs are designed to be light too. Some grips on fairway woods and drivers may be lighter than iron grips. It is still common for heavier grips on irons.

Putter Grips

Putter grips are unique as they are the only club in your bag that are allowed to have a flat edge. This is typically on the front of the club to help place the thumbs on comfortably. The most common brand you see casual and professional golfers use is SuperStroke. They offer rubber, wrapped, corded and other options for you to choose from. Thinner putter grips allow you to have a little more feel in your hands in your putt whereas thick putter grips as mentioned earlier, allows you to eliminate a lot of hand and wrist motions.

SuperStroke putter grips
SuperStroke Grips

Durability & Maintenance

Sometimes you just don’t know if it is time to change to brand new grips from your worn out grips. A good indicator would be the wear. Usually it feels slippery than tacky when it is worn out. Additionally if you golf very frequently, Once every 2 years should be a rough estimate. If you are one that uses rubber grips, be sure to not keep it in the heat for too long as it susceptible to heat.


Most pro shops are able to help change your grips. Sometimes you could also get fitted into golf grips! Hopefully after this you would be able to make an informed decision in what kind of grips you will buy next!

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