Deemples Monthly Medal

Deemples Monthly Medal is a golf competition organised by Deemples  which utilizes the Deemples Handicap System on the app.

It’s just a known golf world wide fact. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, golfing a few times a week or if you’re a professional. Golfers enjoy any excuse to hit the green with new golf buddies.

They also like joining golf competitions once they have gotten the hang of swinging a club. It’s not so much of a matter of testing your ability but a matter of diving into the experience of a tournament. Nonetheless, winning a competition is always a sweet accomplishment.

This is exactly why Deemples has taken a new initiative to increase the population in the golfing community and organised Deemples Monthly Medal.

Honest Golfing

We’ve done a few golf events last year but since we didn’t know the handicaps of our golfers, and most golfers we’ve spoken to don’t trust the official handicap systems, Deemples decided to just use gross scores and lucky draws for our Deemples Golf Gatherings.

We realised this is not ideal, since better players will always be winning. We thought hard and long on the best ways to show a fair golfing level for all our golfers. So, golfers will have a trusted and fair way to know each other’s golfing ability. This led to our very own Deemples handicap system.

The Deemples handicap system was designed with a few things in mind: Authenticity, Enforcement, Validation, Motivation, and Education. We learned from the pitfalls and easy manipulation of current handicap systems to come up with what we think is the best way to encourage fair submissions of scores, while helping golfers understand what goes into a handicap calculation. To learn more how the Deemples handicap system works, read here.

Since we have the Deemples handicap system, we can now conduct fair golf competitions based on stroke play. To ensure we can be honest, and STILL have a chance to win.

January 2019 Monthly Medal

There are already over 30 players signed up as we speak, so hurry to join in, so that you don’t miss out. Once we have a few months of these Monthly Medal experiences under our belt, we’ll look to see how to get some going in our other countries that Deemples is available in – Indonesia, Singapore, and Philippines.

Deemples Monthly Medal is open to all golfers. Just join the monthly medal on the Deemples app. We’re kick starting our first Monthly Medal in January 2019:

  • Date: Sunday 27 Jan 2019
  • Tee time: 12:30pm
  • Golf fees: RM125 per person
  • Venue: Seri Selangor Golf Club
  • How to join: Join game on Deemples

Did we mention the grand prize is an Adidas Golf Stand Bag worth RM990. Prizes are provided for low nett, high nett and lucky draw. All sponsored by Be Golf Pro, the e-platform that sells new and second hand golf equipment at affordable prices.

Don’t have a Deemples handicap yet? Just get your friends and play 5 games on Deemples and have your scores submitted via the app – it’s free! If by tournament day, you still don’t have a Deemples handicap, don’t worry you can still join and play off scratch. There are lucky draw prizes to be won!

If you want to understand more about how a handicap is calculated, you can join the Handicap Workshop that is ongoing monthly.

So what’re you waiting for, join the Monthly Medal via the Deemples app. Golf with honest golfers in a healthy golf competition!

  • Ckwong
    Posted at 04:59h, 16 January

    Is it stroke play or stableford ? Does the fees rm125 nett or do I have to pay for the buggy and green fees .

    • David Wong
      Posted at 16:53h, 19 January

      Hi CKWong, it’s Stroke play based on the Deemples handicap only! 🙂

    • David Wong
      Posted at 16:53h, 19 January

      It’s Stroke play based on the Deemples handicap only. RM125 is all in, including buggy and green fees.

  • Sam Loh
    Posted at 05:58h, 16 January

    WELL DONE, David!

    • David Wong
      Posted at 16:54h, 19 January

      THanks Sam!! Looking forward to see you there!

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