Free Handicap Workshop with Chris Holden

Deemples is arranging a FREE handicap workshop supported by professional golfer, Chris Holden of the Elite Impact Golf Academy for our users.

Handicap is challenging to understand but even harder to calculate. Most golfers just stagger their way through it like deers in headlights. Some don’t even bother to submit their scores. Then again, where should they submit it to?

Also, here’s all you need to know about Chris before coming to the workshop and his two cents on golf handicaps.

deemples handicap workshop

Please tell us how you started golfing and your professional golfing background.

I’ve been golfing since 5 years old because my parents played golf. I came from an athletic family. I studied Sports Science Golf at the University of Pretoria. After university I taught for two years in South Africa before moving to Malaysia in 2013 and have been coaching golf at Impact Elite Golf Academy @ The Mines Resort ever since. I teach everyone from beginners to experts from any age group.

What do you think of the knowledge of the South East Asian golfing community in regards to handicap calculations?

I think many golfers don’t know how to calculate handicap and just rely on the club to do it for them or they don’t update it. The more people are informed about handicaps, the better it is for golf and enjoyment.

Mind suggesting any initiatives that you think the national golf associations could do to improve this?

We need to put more procedures in place to regulate the handicapping system. The amount of gambling occurring on the golf course makes it hard to enforce. Gambling has made it hard to to track promote honesty in handicap.

Everyone should be accountable for each other’s handicaps and then it’s should be monitored to make sure it’s followed.

What do you think about the Deemples handicap system?

After discussing about the handicap process with the founder of Deemples, I was happy to see that people were entering score for each other. Also, other players need to confirm it which is great.

Furthermore, the better we can make the handicapping system the more fun we can have in golf. The handicaps are there for the reason to equal the playing field so everyone can play together whether you are 10 or 60 old years or a pro playing with a 24 handicap.

Deemples have created an efficient method to calculate your handicap without any deception. More importantly, Deemples is organising a handicap workshop and you are invited!

deemples handicap workshop

Download and join the handicap workshop to grab the chance to be the lucky 10 golfers to bring home prizes from the handicap workshop!

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