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Deemples x CLV Merchandise for Golf Competitions

6 May 2020

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“Not valid anymore, check out “Deemples Monthly Medal”.

We’re proud to announce that CLV Golf will be rolling out Deemples merchandise for golfers!

CLV Golf started out as the golf shirts and gear manufacturer for Titleist, Srixon, Cleveland (to name a few) in Hong Kong/China. They then applied their expertise to launch their own product line that’s “Designed by golfers for golfers”. They are passionate to help golfers to golf more and we at Deemples share that same philosophy.

Best Features of CLV Products –

  • Extremely high level of breathability.
  • Excellent moisture-transportation properties keep the body dry and cool.
  • Light, soft and comfortable garment, specially developed for golfers.
  • Easy to wash and maintain, just regular machine wash.

Some of our favorites are their quality polo (CLC1A6B1) and shorts (CLB1F2H1), both retail at RM 580 (USD 142) each. This partnership means that these awesome Deemples x CLV products will be made available at super special prices.

Are you a golf society, group, community, social golf club, golf event organizer, or any sort of club that plays golf?

If you are, then we want to get these amazing products into your hands as prizes for the competitions that you organize on Deemples! Anything to help you and other golfers golf more! Read on for details on how this works.

We recently also launched the Automated Game Results feature. It was made to help you organize big tournaments easily. Read more here.

How to get the Deemples x CLV shirts?

You get 1 shirt per 8 players submitting on Deemples and having their gross / net scores displayed on the game results page. For example – if you have 10 players for your game and 9 of them get their gross / net scores shown on the game results page, then you get 1 shirt for the winner of the game. (Click here to read about what the Game Results feature is all about)

How do you get these shirts? We work with BeGolfPro to deliver these shirts to you. We’ll email the codes to you so that you can send them out to the winners of your game based on the game results in Deemples!

So instead of giving you the actual shirt/product, because we don’t know what you like and what fits you, we’ll give you voucher promo codes that you can pick and choose from BeGolfPro, and they’ll get it shipped to you!

Deemples x CLV Merch Vouchers include:

For Malaysia based golfers: 90% off vouchers! (The 10% is used to cover shipping costs).

For non-Malaysia based golfers: 100% off 1 item! Just pay for shipping. 

CLV is supporting all Deemples run games. If you’re running competitions on Deemples on a consistent basis, please reach out to us. So we can find a way to support your competitions in terms of prizes. Deemples x CLV merch vouchers can be redeemed exclusively on Be Golf Pro. Where winners can select what they like/fits, and have the prizes delivered to them directly.

If you’re keen to get free Deemples x CLV merch for your events, write into us, hello@deemples.com and we’ll set you up!

“For approved participants of this incentive: Just email hello@deemples.com your game detail page, so we know how to check the results and pass you the vouchers!”

If you want to buy Deemples – CLV Merch then please visit Deemples Golf Store.

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