Extending the golf season as late as possible is the goal of any golfer in colder climes. If your course is open and you have the proper cold-weather golf gear, you can play well into the winter if you’re prepared. When it comes to apparel, insulated layering is key to providing warmth—without impeding the swing. Therefore, this post talks about the best golf hand warmers for this season.

Winter hats or ear-covers are musts, and wool socks will keep your feet cozy—but too many golfers don’t prepare their hands enough. A regular golf glove will not typically provide enough warmth or grip in cold or wet conditions. With the right winter golf gloves or hand warmers, all-year golf is possible no matter where you live.

List of Best Golf Hand Warmers

From rechargeable hand warmers to reusable hand warmers find out everything about hand warmers in this article.


Best Golf Hand Warmers for this Season

Among FootJoy’s extensive line of gloves, the brand has two winter-specific options. The FootJoy StaSof Winter Pair ($50) is made from a blend of weather-resistant leather and warm fleece. The leather palm provides a comfortable grip that stays secure in sweat, rain, or snow. The WinterSof Pair ($22) is a more affordable option with a grippy suede palm and extended knit cuffs that provide plenty of warmth.


Best Golf Hand Warmers for this Season


The proven water-resistant Sure-Grip™ Autosuede™ knit palm provides a soft feel and consistent fit with a secure grip during cool weather conditions.


Highly reflective piping is added to the back of the glove for high visibility on and off the course.


Waterproof structured nylon and Weather-Shield™ foam fleece on the back of the glove retains warmth and resists cold.


Best Golf Hand Warmers for this Season

The ZeroRestriction Windstopper Rain Gloves ($88) is a strong all-weather option. The shell of these gloves is made with durable Pittards leather and lined with a wind-resistant membrane. It’s got a removable ball marker to make things easier on the greens and an overlapping Velcro closure to keep heat in.


Best Golf Hand Warmers for this Season

Adding a bit of color, the Under Armour UA Storm Golf Gloves ($25) are gray and blue with a textured palm that grips great in wet conditions. The poly-nylon gloves are breathable and comfortable with a smooth seam-sealed finish.


Best Golf Hand Warmers for this Season

Galvin Green is known for making quality rain gear, and the Lewis Gloves ($65) is no exception. The windproof and water-repellent gloves are made with the brand’s Interface-1 technology that’s built to be soft, full of stretch, and ultra-breathable. They’ll release excess heat and moisture to regulate the temperature in any condition.


Best Golf Hand Warmers for this Season

Nike’s Cold Weather Golf Gloves ($28) has a water-resistant fleece at the back of the hand for warmth and a synthetic suede strategically placed where you need grip the most. An oversize wrist tab locks in warmth and hook-and-loop closure provides a secure fit you won’t have to adjust.


There you have it! These are among the best golf hand warmers for you to try out during the winter season. Hopefully, this article gave you some insight into the choices that are available when it comes to the best golf hand warmers.

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Common FAQs about best golf hand warmers

How do I keep my hands warm in golf?

Using a hand-warming pouch or the best golf mitts is a really effective way to keep them warm. Make sure you slip them on between every shot, and you can even put some hand warmers in them when it’s really cold

Can you use hand warmers in golf?

The Rules of Golf do allow a person to use a hand warmer during their round to keep their hands warm. It is considered a traditionally accepted use of equipment.

How many times can you use a reusable hand warmer?

Once the heat is done, simply drop your HotSnapZ hand warmer or heat pad in gently boiling water for 5-10 minutes to recharge. How many uses can I expect to get? In theory, the number of times that a HotSnapZ can reused is infinite.

What temperature do hand warmers stay at?

The absorbent material can be pulverized wood, a polymer such as polyacrylate, or a silicon-based mineral called vermiculite. It helps retain the moisture so that the reaction can occur. The activated carbon helps to evenly disperse the heat produced, which can average 135 °F

How long do electric hand warmers last?

Typically hand warmers can heat for up to six hours, with heat outputs from 40-48C.