Are you a beginner in golf and looking for some best golf clubs for beginners? There are plenty of golf sets and brands out there. Which one should you get as a beginner?  We are here to give you some suggestions on the golf sets that you can look into with affordable prices. 

It is important to note that you will be using them for a long period of time to develop your swing and hit the golf ball confidently. So, it would be good to invest some time and money in getting the golf set that would give you the most value to you over time.

The first thing you should look into is the shaft of the irons. As you will be new to the sport, the graphite shafts would be more forgiving and lighter in weight. A forgiving club usually means that they are lighter in weight, easier for a golfer to hit the ball and flexible shaft so that you don’t have to put in a lot of strength for the golf ball to reach the distance. 

Here are our pick for best golf clubs for beginners that we think you should definitely consider when purchasing your first golf set.

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners-

Callaway Men’s Strata complete set

The Callaway golf set comes with a 12-piece set which includes a 460cc driver, a fairway wood, a 5 hybrid, graphite irons from 6 to 9 and a pitching wedge. The irons come with a sole-width technology that will help with getting accurate contact with the golf ball providing forgiveness in the outcome of your shots. It also comes with a mallet putter that provides alignment on the putter to provide guidance when putting. 

Source- Skilled Golf


  • Irons are designed with Sole-width technology that provides good forgiveness and control.
  • Affordable price 
  • Comes with many accessories and pockets for the golf bag
  • Driver and wood covers
  • Comes with a hybrid which is easier to hit and reaches a longer distance 


  • The Golf bag is a little heavy
  • Fairway wood may not be as forgiving as the driver
  • Does not have a sand wedge

The Wilson Men’s Stretch 10-club golf set

The Wilson Men’s Stretch golf set comes with a 10.5 loft driver that is easier for beginners to hit it long and a replacement for a 5 hybrid over a 5 iron makes it easier for you to hit the golf ball. This golf set also comes with a sand wedge which is a wedge with a steeper angle iron club face compared to a pitching wedge. This will definitely help with those bunker shots. It also comes with a 3 wood, 6 to 9 graphite irons, a putter and a pitching wedge

best-golf-clubs-for-beginners-The- Wilson-Men’s-Stretch-10-club-golf- set
Source- Desertcart


  • A lighter bag with 2 straps to carry on both shoulder
  • Comes with a sand wedge for bunker shots
  • Cavity-back irons which helps with getting your shots airbourne when using the irons
  • Excellent value


  • Does not come with driver and wood covers

Inesis Adult Beginner golf set

The Ineses Adult beginner golf set comes with a unique iron set. The driver and woods have a larger hit surface for easier contact with the golf ball. The irons are combined 2 to 1. Which means, their 8/9 iron are one club, 6/7 are one club. As a beginner, this is great because you don’t need to carry around that many golf clubs and you can produce the same result as a normal club too. 

A large putter head also helps you to get a better idea on your putting path to ensure that you putt straight every time. 

Source- Amazon


  • Low price and very affordable
  • Very lightweight
  • Large driver and wood heads with covers
  • Half-set irons 


  • Does not come with a fairway wood or a 3 wood
  • Does not include a golf bag

These three golf sets are the ones that we recommend you to look into. There are several common factors between these three golf sets. They are very suitable for beginners, affordable, forgiving clubs and lightweight for easy control. 

Whether or not you think these are still skeptical on starting golf, we are certain that these clubs will help you learn the basics of hitting a golf ball and you get to play on the course soon with your friends. There are also beginner lessons on Deemples which provides golf balls and a few coaches with a large group of students which you can practice with. 


These are the three recommended golf sets that you can look into. The common factor between these three golf sets are affordability, forgiving golf clubs, lightweight and easy to control. We hope that this can help you make a decision on your first golf set and we wish you the best and practice as much golf as possible and we will see you on the course.

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