There are lots of different golf balls available on the market and it’s true that their performance varies. Finding the right one among so many choices is hard. But we are here to ease your trouble. Deemples has listed the best golf balls to save your time and play golf without any hassle.

We have picked these golf balls based on their performance, feel demand, and innovation. Deemples always try to research what is good for our readers and all levels of golfers.

7 Best Golf Balls

Pick a golf ball from our 7 best golf balls list and enjoy your game. It’s not like all the golf balls were released in 2022, we picked them as the best ones you can go for in 2022.

1. Callaway Chrome Soft X Ball

Callaway Chrome Soft X Ball

The Callaway Chrome Soft X Ball is very unique and different from all the other golf balls. It has both a combination of high-quality performance and tour-proven distance. Apart from that this golf ball has amazing nick forgiveness. This ball feels softer than any other recent golf ball on the market.

The construction of this ball is beyond admiration. They have used graphene, accompanied by carbon’s thinnest lining. The performance of this golf ball is better than other golf balls. As the size of the ball is smaller it naturally leaves behind some ways for which it is more recommended to the golfers.


  • Despite being an average-priced ball it has the potential to cover the same distance if you compare them with other best quality balls.
  • You can play on the abundant green course without worrying. It is because of the softness of the ball and the control it provides.


  • Callaway hasn’t brought any massive change in making this new ball.

2. Titleist Pro V1 Ball

Titleist Pro V1 Ball

These Balls are listed among the best golf balls of 2022. These golf balls are best known for delivering shots and long-distance capacity. Titleist Pro also feels very soft and durable. These amazing balls are manufactured for all types of golf players. It has been constructed in such a way that its performance is delivered equally.

This ball is made with an ionomeric casing which gives it speed and control over the spinning ball. Besides that, in this ball, there are 352 dimples which help it to maintain consistency of flight. The performance of the ball is very smooth yet it provides fast distance coverage.


  • You can get a customized pink number if you want.
  • The feel of this ball is extremely soft.
  • Covers long distances.
  • Flights are consistent and proper.
  • Great durability.


  • Not useful for handicaps above 15.
  • It scuffs very easily.

3. Srixon Z Star XV Golf Ball

Srixon Z Star XV Golf Ball

These Golf Balls are best known for the technology that has been used in them. The key factor which makes this ball unique compared to the other golf balls is its design. There are two types of golf balls that have been manufactured under this company and both of them are successful for amazing construction.

Both of the balls have great technology, softcore, and also an outer core element. The performance of these balls is out of imagination due to their construction.


  • Creates lower spin.
  • Covers a higher distance.
  • Ball rolls with higher speed.
  • A high number of dimples helps to reduce drag.
  • Available in 12 ball set.


  • Softness in these balls is compromised.

4. Bridgestone Tour BX Ball

Bridgestone Tour BX Ball

These balls can give a tough competition to any other premium golf balls. We know this is a strong statement to give! But the reason behind this statement will be unbeatable. These golf balls have the ability to gain control and accuracy with the characteristic of maintaining resistance in every shot.

Bridgestone Tour BX has a great deliverance rate which means they can go up high in the air and won’t stand in the midway of the air. These balls are not too soft or not too hard. The spin control of these balls is astonishing. Apart from all of this, the main attraction of Bridgestone is its 330 dual dimples which give players a real feel.


  • It offers fast and best speed.
  • Less spin.
  • Durable and long-lasting cover.
  • Stable hit and not very shocking.
  • Greater roll with more distance coverage.
  • Yellow-colored balls are also available.


  • It doesn’t have lots of advantages compared to the other premium golf balls.

5. Mizuno RB Tour X

Mizuno RB Tour X

This has always been one of the well-reputed names in the golf industry for its high performance and good quality. They have great brand recognition in Asia and Europe but this would be the first time they are offering a full production run in the United States. Recently Mizuno has launched two hi-tech golf balls in the market- Mizuno RB Tour and RB Tour X. We will highlight the RB Tour X.

The Mizuno RB Tour X has a 4-piece construction along with a urethane cover, a Butadiene rubber-made dual-core, and a high-energy ionomer layer. One of the most interesting features of this ball is its C- Dimple technology. This helps to reduce drag as well as strengthens trajectory, which also provides more stability in all possible conditions.


  • Provides excellent control around the greens.
  • You will get better stability in the wind.
  • Built with Butadiene rubber dual-core.
  • High energy loner layer.


  • So far it has been getting good reviews.

6. Wilson Staff Duo Urethane

Wilson Staff Duo Urethane

These golf balls are best known for their two salient features. It’s one of the softest golf balls and has 55 compression rates. Its performance and design make it stand out from other golf balls on the market. High speed and low compression are two main characteristics of Wilson Staff.

When it comes to distance coverage and tee shots, it is the best among the other mainstream golf balls. You will get a great forceful spin because of its perfect construction.


  • One of the softest golf balls ever made in the world.
  • Have 55 compressions.
  • Its cover is made out of urethane.
  • The spin and performance are top notches.
  • Perfect for lower handicapped golf players.


  • We couldn’t find any flaw in these golf balls so far.

7. Volvik Vivid Golf Ball

This company has been manufacturing golf balls for the past 38 years. Their vivid ball is another addition to the Volvik which is known for its unique launches. These vivid balls come in several different colors. The bright color of the ball creates the illusion of zero compressions.

It has a dual-core technology which gives the ball unbelievable power and distance. The construction of these balls is crystal clear which means it is well designed and come in neon colors. These neon colors help golfers to locate their balls easily.


  • Provides high spin and excellent compression rate.
  • Neon colors make the ball more unique.
  • Covers a large distance.
  • Lesser driver spin.
  • The compression rate is 75.


  • The price is high.
  • Not everyone likes a neon-colored ball.


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Happy golfing!

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