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Best Affordable Golf Courses in Singapore 2021

22 February 2021

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Singapore undoubtedly one of the most advanced countries in Southeast Asia. This country is a global hub for tourism, education, technology, trade, human capital, healthcare, innovation, transportation, and so on. A perfect vacation spot for anyone but for golfers they want to golf when they travel. That’s why in this article, we are going to talk about the best affordable golf courses in Singapore.

Singapore is recognized as most technology ready nation. This city is almost build to perfection but the downside is this expensive living cost. There are a lot of amazing golf courses in Singapore but also pricey. That’s why we came up with the best affordable golf courses in Singapore to help out the golfers.

Below is the list of Best Affordable Golf Courses in Singapore, not in any particular order. Happy Reading!

Best Affordable Golf Courses in Singapore

1. Champions Golf Course:

Champion Golf Course formerly known as the Green Fairways is located in the 60 Fairways drive, Bukit Timah. It is said to be Singapore’s most central golf complex. This amazing golf course was established in 1998 by Champion professional golfer and PGA coach Alan Murray and Garry Overy.

Champions Golf Course

The aim was to provide quality golf coaching to all types of golfers. The course now has new management with better tee boxes and well-maintained fairways. If you want to improve your game, Champions has a 60-bay driving range and as it is a public golf course you can turn up and play.

The golf course is very cheap and ideal for juniors to practice out before trying out other intimidating golf courses. If you are coming from Changi Airport Singapore it will take you a 28 minutes drive to get there.


  • Champions golf is a 9-hole par 34 golf course.
  • Golf Academy with some of the leading international PGA professionals.
  • Well stocked pro shop.
  • Two restaurants.
  • Mini golf and junior academy, a local venue for the families.
  • Most experienced PGA professional coaches from Singapore, Australia, England, Korea, and the USA.
  • Rated by the Singapore Golf Association for Handicapping.

For Visitors:

  • Weekdays (9-hole): SGD $35
  • Weekdays (18-hole): SGD $52.50
  • Weekends (9-hole): SGD $60
  • Weekends (18-hole): SGD $90
  • Sunday (1 P.M onwards for 9-hole) : SGD $45
  • Sunday (1 P.M onwards for 18-hole): SGD $67.50
  • For more information, Click here.

2. Mandai Executive Golf Course:

Located next to Upper Seletar Reservoir Mandai Executive Golf Course was established in 1993 with the design of Max Wexler. This friendly golf course features a wide variety of par 3s and 4s which allows the golfers to use most of the clubs in their bag.

Mandai Executive Golf Course

It is also a perfect place for beginners as well as professional players who want to sharpen their game skills. They also have a 49 bay driving range, a perfect location for beginners. This incredible golf course is only 23 minutes away from Changi Airport Singapore.


  •  Mandai Executive is a 9-hole par 29 public golf course.
  • They have a 40 bay driving range.
  • Pitching and putting greens are also available.
  • A package for junior golfers.
  • A complete package for beginners who what to acquire their golf Proficiency Certificates.
  • Legally associated with Singapore Golf Association (SGA).
  • Their USGA Handicap certification/card is accepted worldwide.
  • Open for corporate events.

For Visitors:

  • Weekdays: SGD $30 + GST
  • Saturday/ Sunday: SGD $40 + GST
  • For more information, Click here.

3. Marina Bay Golf Course:

Located at the East Coast on the way to Changi Airport, Marina Bay Golf Course opened in 2006 as the first fully public course in Singapore. This is one of only a handful of links courses in Asia. Marina Bay is also the first golf course who introduced the only par-6 hole on the island.

Since the opening, this golf course has been awarded several prestigious awards. Designer Phil Jacobs has designed the entire golf course with unique challenges for the golfers that make this a gem among other golf courses in Singapore.

As it’s very near to the Changi Airport it will take you only a 19 minutes drive from the airport and 10 minutes from Singapore city center.


For Visitors:

  • Weekdays A.M/ P.M (9-hole): SGD $82.50
  • Weekdays A.M/ P.M (18-hole): SGD $130
  • Saturday/ Sunday (9-hole): SGD $120
  • Saturday/ Sunday (18-hole): SGD $225
  • For more information, Click here.

4. Changi Golf Club:

Located only 17 minutes drive away from Changi International Airport, Changi Golf Club was basically constructed by the RAF Changi personnel who decided to create a section for golfing. They made a layout with few holes on the sports field without having any bunkers. The golf course was actually ready to play in 1949.

Changi is a historical place which reminds Singapore’s connection with WWII. Back in time when the RAF left Singapore in 1971, the club was taken by the pioneer group of Changi Golf Club. The course and the clubhouse have been upgrading since then.

Changi is very affordable and open to the public in today’s date. A great place if you are looking for some challenges.


  • Changi Golf Club is a 9-hole golf course with a historical background.
  • The 8th fairway of this golf club was listed in the Guinness Book Records for being the narrowest fairway in the world, but they have widened it after.
  • A private golf course but open to the public at an affordable price.
  •  A tight and challenging golf course.
  • Their clubhouse facility includes- Chinese restaurants, golfers lounge, golfers terrace, function room, card room, and karaoke room.

For Visitors:

  • Weekdays A.M/P.M (9-hole): SGD $48.15
  • Weekdays A.M/ P.M (18-hole): SGD $96.30
  • For more information, Click here.

5. Sembawang Country Club:

Sembawang Country Club was founded in 1967 by the British Marines and within one year the Prime Minister opened a 9-hole golf course. This golf course was located near a British air base which served both as a Royal Air Force station (RAF Sembawang) and a Royal Naval Air Station (HMS Simbang).

In 1977 the 9-hole golf course turned into an 18-hole golf course by SAF. If you are coming from Changi International Airport it will take you only 24 minutes to get there.


  • An 18-hole par 72 golf course with amazing historical background.
  • Ranked 6th in Singapore by Golf Digest in 2015.
  • A private golf course but open to the public at an affordable price.
  • Other facilities include- Driving range, well-stocked pro shop, golf academy, gym, swimming pool, mahjong room, members lounge, indoor playroom, and outdoor playground.

For Visitors:

  • Weekdays (Whole day): SGD $160
  • Weekdays (Evening 9-hole): SGD $80
  • Weekends (Whole day): SGD $200
  • Weekends (Evening 9-hole): SGD $100
  • For more information, Click here.

6. Orchid Country Club:

Located alongside a truly picturesque waterway of Sungei Seletar Reservoir, Orchid Country Club is one of the most breathtaking golf courses in Singapore. This astonishing golf course was designed under the supervision of late former President of Singapore, Mr. Ong Teng Cheong.

This club offers three amazing 9-hole courses, named after orchids- the Aranda, Vanda, and Dendro. The whole golf club has flawlessly manicured fairways and greens. Orchid Country Club is very near to Changi International Airport and will take you only a 26 minutes drive. If you love golfing then you will surely love this place.


  • Orchid Country Club has three amazing 9-hole championship golf courses.
  • A private golf course but open to the public
  • Hosted the Singapore Open in 1999.
  • Hosted Handa Singapore Classic in 2010 and 2011.
  • 160 bay driving range which is one of the biggest driving ranges in South East Asia.

For Visitors:

  • Weekdays A.M: SGD $125
  • Weekdays P.M: SGD $150
  • Saturday/ Sunday : SGD $275
  • For more information, click here.

Deemples Golf App Working With Orchid Country Club to help Golfers Golf more

Deemples-Standing-tall at-the-Orchid-Country-Club-driving-range-at-Singapore
Our Banner Standing tall at the Orchid Country Club driving range at Singapore


Based on our research, we think these are the Best Affordable Golf Courses in Singapore. You will love the golfing experience there as well as you can also enjoy roaming around the smartest city in the world.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about getting membership in these golf courses just golf whenever you want. But If you have no one to play golf with, Deemples golf app is here to help you.

We will make sure you never play golf alone. All you need to create a game using the app and let others join you. Click here to find out more!

You can check out the Best Driving Ranges in Singapore if you need to warm up before the big play day. Plus if you want to golf cheaper then just drive 1 hour from Singapore to Johor, Malaysia and find the 5 Cheapest Golf Courses in Johor.

Happy Golfing!

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