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5 Cheapest Golf Courses in Johor

11 March 2019

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Johor, a state in southern Malaysia is best known for its golden sandy beaches, beautiful rainforest and clear water. Johor can be an appropriate vacation spot for the golfers to spend your days. You can find the cheapest golf courses in Johor here.

Johor is also known for having the largest number of golf courses in Malaysia. But we are going to write about the cheapest golf courses in Johor. So that, you can get an amazing golfing experience without hurting the wallet.

We have listed the 5 cheapest golf courses in Johor here for you:

5 Cheapest Golf Courses in Johor

1. Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort

One of the best and affordable golf courses located 15 kilometers from the city of Johor Bahru is the Austin Heights Golf Resort. Upon arrival, you cannot help but notice the large enormous building on the top of the hill which is the Austin Heights clubhouse. You will get a fantastic 360-degree panoramic view of the Austin Heights Golf Course from the clubhouse.

Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort

Initially, Austin Heights had two 18-holes golf courses. After the massive flood in 2006, they increased the number to 27 holes. The main attraction of this golf course is that they have made the golf course suitable for both professional and amateurs.

Not only you will find their golf course fascinating but also the clubhouse and overall facilities are excellent as well. If you’re staying at Johor Bahru then we would suggest you, pay a visit to the Austin Heights.

For Visitors

  • Weekdays A.M: RM 130
  • Weekdays P.M: RM 150
  • Saturday/ Sunday : > RM 200
  • For more pricing details, click here.

2. IOI Palm Villa Golf & Country Resort

 IOI Palm Villa golf just 20 minutes away from the Singapore/Malaysia border and almost 30 minutes away from Johor city. This 27-hole golf course was designed by Rick Robbins in 1998 and was developed by Industrial Oxygen Incorporated (IOI) for challenge.

IOI Palm Villa Golf & Country Resort

The country resort has nine golf courses including Palm Course, Putra Course and IOI Course. Each of these three courses will provide you different experiences of golfing at affordable price.

IOI Palm Villa has a beautiful landscape of palm trees around the course. This golf course is mostly famous among the locals and Singaporeans. If you are in Johor you can pay a visit at the IOI Palm Villa.

For Visitors

  • Weekdays: RM 120
  • Saturday P.M: RM 170, Sunday P.M: RM 140
  • Sat/Sun A.M: >RM 200
  • For detailed rates, check their website.

3. Ponderosa Golf & Country Club

 Located in the rural suburb, an emerging township named as Taman Molek, Ponderosa Golf & Country Club is known to be the best leisure gateway for the golfers. Because it’s the most affordable in terms of the value you get for the money.The golf course is only 15 minutes away from the city center and approximately 8 kilometers from Singapore.

Ponderosa Golf & Country Club

This golf course was designed by an architect named Max Wexler with the idea of giving the course a natural golf environment. They later remodeled the course in 1996 which measures around 6467 meters from the tips, 18-hole, par 72. Though many golfers find it short, this golf course has many sand and watery hazards along with tricky greens which makes the game even more challenging.

For Visitors:

  • Weekdays: RM 139
  • Saturday P.M: RM 185, Sunday P.M: RM 139
  • Sat/Sun A.M: >RM 200
  • For detailed rates, check their website.

4. Daiman 18 Golf Club

 Daiman 18 golf club is one of the cheapest golf clubs in Johor. The club is also Johor’s one the public courses and allows the non-members who would like tee off. This scenic heaven for golfing is located in the sparkling township of Johor Jaya across the Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru Highway. It is the best place for you to rest and relaxation. In Daiman, both the local and visitors around the causeway can enjoy the charming view and play on reasonable price.

Daiman 18 Golf Club

Daiman 18 Golf Club is known to be the first 18-hole public golf course in Johor Bahru. All the bunkers and water hazards are placed strategically which creates the challenge. Golfers no longer have to come across back to back par-3 holes among the layouts, since Daiman 18 has reverted back to Par 72! The challenge comes on the longest par-5 at 563 meters. Two of the hardest holes at Daiman’s are at the 16th and 17th.

Caddies are available now, and buggies are mandatory there. Although it’s a public golf course you will find all the facilities and services at Daiman Golf Club.

For Visitors

  • Weekdays: RM 75
  • Sat/Sun AM: RM160
  • Sat 1pm onwards: RM90
  • Sun 1pm onwards: RM80.
  • For detailed rates, check their website.

5. Permas Jaya Golf Club

Another great place for golfing within a reasonable price is the Permas Jaya Golf Club. The club is situated only 10 minutes away from the center of Johor Bahru, which is a very well-located golfing destination in Malaysia. Within the surrounding area, you will find a number of shopping malls, supermarkets, plenty of hotels with the different price offered.

Permas Jaya Golf Club

Permas Jaya Golf Club is a public golf course offering 9-hole where golfer of different skill level can play. Along with golfing Permas Jaya offers you a serene landscape for relaxation.

For Visitors

  • Weekdays: RM 50
  • Weekends: RM 74
  • For more details, click here.


Based on our research, we think these are the 5 cheapest golf courses in Johor, Malaysia. If you are in Johor and have no one to play golf with, Deemples golf app is here to help you.

We will make sure you never play golf alone. All you need to create a game using the app and let others join you. Click here to find out more!

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