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7 Best Golf Clubs of 2019 You Should Go For

17 June 2019

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Golf is a very tricky yet fun game. The satisfaction you will get on the golf course is something that can’t be described in words. The sound you get after hitting a ball is just pure bliss and treat to the ears. For getting that blissful sound, along with your golf skill you need the best club to make perfect shots. Here we are going to talk about the 7 best golf clubs of 2019.

No doubt, finding the right equipment is always hard and some may think it will empty their savings. That’s why Deemples is here to guide you about the 7 best golf clubs of 2019, you should go for! These clubs will make you feel like a better player without you even noticing.

Below is our list of 7 best golf clubs of 2019. It’s not like all the golf clubs were released in 2019, we picked them as the best ones you can go for in 2019. Hang tight till the end of the article. Hopefully, you will know what fits you the best.

7 Best Golf Clubs of 2019

1. Titleist 718 Ap3 Clubs:

Titleist is a very well known brand among the golfers for producing the most impressive golf clubs in the market. Previously the Titleist 718 AP1 was known for game improvement club and the AP2 was known for the better player club. But this spectacular AP3 has both the quality of AP1 and AP2.

This latest addition of Titleist has a lot to admire. It promises great speed, a high trajectory that too without hampering your style. This extremely forgiving and distance oriented club is without any doubt on the top of our list.


  • Three construction system within the same set which includes an undercut cavity with hollow tungsten structure.
  • Very forgiving.
  • Steel Material.
  • True Temper AMT Black Shaft.
  • Set makeup is 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW.


  • Creates excellent ball speed and covers a long distance.
  • Amazing design.
  • Exceptional workability.
  • Great sound and feel.
  • Smooth swing and creates no vibrations.


  • The price of this club is a bit high.

2. Cobra King F8 Clubs:

This club is what you need if you to play long shots and ball speed. These club sets generate straighter flight, therefore, helps you to have more control and consistency over your shots. In the previous Cobra F7, the construction was made with four head but in this new Cobra F8, they reduced it to three.

One amazing specialty of this club is the Arccos sensors in its grips which records every single data of your swing. These data can also be seen on your mobile phone.

Cobra F8 is without a doubt a master club. Engineers have optimized this club to make it one of the best golf clubs in the market. The technology and the construction of this club will definitely give you a solid feel.


  • Lamkin REL 360 connect grip.
  • Cavity Back Design.
  • Made with steel.
  • True Temper XP 90 and Aldila Rogue Pro 95 Shaft.


  • Constructs fantastic forgiveness and distance.
  • The latest technology with premium construction.
  • Good for crazy distance and ball speed.
  • Sturdy feel.


  • Not so attractive compared to other Cobra Clubs.

3. TaylorMade P790 Clubs:

It’s literally every golfer’s dream to get their hands on a forged clubs with the workability of a cavity back design. All thanks to the TaylorMade designers for introducing their hollow body forged clubs which generates forgiveness with perfect playability.

In this golf clubs, you will get the Speed Foam technology that provides more improved and crisp sound. The makers have also used the tungsten weighting for accurate CG and higher MOI. They have opted an ultrathin face for long distance shots. On the whole, TaylorMade P790 is one of the most complete golf clubs that are available in the market.


  • Cavity Back Design.
  • Forged iron clubs.
  • D2 Swing weight.
  • Golf pride tour velvet 360 grips.
  • 105 steel shaft.


  • Highly forgiving golf clubs.
  • Excellent playability.
  • Produce great sound.
  • Well designed.


  • It gets a bit hard for the golfer to control the ball because of its faster ball speeds.

4. Callaway Epic Clubs:

Among all the amazing clubs Callaway Epic is one of the most sensational golf clubs in 2019’s list. Before making of this Epic Clubs the Callaway‘s head gave a free license to the designer R&D Alan Hocknell to turn this club into a masterpiece without thinking about the cost and the materials.

Guess what? Hocknell did exactly what he has been told and made this club into an outstanding piece.

Without a doubt, Callaway is a game improvement club that will help you with straighter ball flight, easy lofts and great forgiveness. It is also made in a way that while making a long shot you will not feel any vibration. The workability of this club is also up to the mark.


  • It has a D2 weight.
  • Cavity back design.
  • Project X LZ 95 shaft.
  • Made with 360-degree face cup technology.
  • Regular, light and stiff shaft flexibility.


  • Best for long distance shots and ball speed.
  • Greater forgiveness.
  • Very techy.
  • Provides great grip while making a shot.


  • An expensive club for sure.

5. Mizuno MP 18 Clubs:

There are very few numbers of golf clubs in the market that will amaze you like MP 18. At this point of time, most of the clubs are designed and made with machines but Mizuno MP 18 is different from them. Mizuno has selected the best Japanese craftsman “Turbo” to construct the MP 18 clubs set.

The MP 18 has made for the finest strikes and that’s the reason behind their small profile. Yet, because of the use of forged iron, you will get a sensational feeling and the performance of this club is also up to the mark.


  • Very well designed.
  • Made with forged iron.
  • Steel material.
  • Dynamic gold, KBS C- Taper lite, KBS tour, and Nippon NS Pro Modus shafts.


  • Clean and posh appearance.
  • Solid feel.
  • Awesome playability.
  • Very effective in the turf.


  • Not really easy for the beginners.
  • Compared to the other clubs this one is not so forgiving.

6. Ping G400 Clubs:

Ping is known for their exceptional game improvement clubs and the new Ping G400 is surely one of them. The Ping G400 is laced with COR-Eye technology which will help the golfers to get better distance.

This club not only yields long shots but also helps with the higher shots. The main characteristic of Ping G400 is the extreme forgiveness and the feel.


  • Ping Alta CB shafts.
  • Cavity back design.
  • D0 swing weight.
  • Ping AWT 2.0 shaft.


  • If you are looking for an extremely forgiving club then G400 is one of them.
  • Provides soil sound and feel.
  • Delivers better spin control.
  • Great playability with accuracy.


  • Some may find this golf club a bit pricey.

7. Srixon Z565 Clubs:

Srixon Z565 is one of the leading game improvement clubs right now. The performance of this club is outstanding along with the forgiveness and playability. Among the other specialty, its distance control and accuracy is undoubtedly the best.

The Srixon Z565 is made with carbon steel bodies with very strong SUP 10 steel that helps to generate faster ball speed and distance. This golf club will give you an amazing feeling which is more than awesome.


  • Amazing blade design.
  • Tour velvet grip.
  • Perfect finishing.
  • Steel material.


  • Great feel and sound.
  • Splendid appearance.
  • Highly forgiving.
  • Provides long distance and ball speed.


  • You may find this slightly priced.


Whether or not you end up getting one of the 7 best golf clubs of 2019 that we listed above, get the most out of your golf clubs by golfing more. You can do this through Deemples where we try to make sure that you’ll be playing golf more than ever before.

So pick up your golf clubs and start golfing using Deemples golf app and we will make sure you never play golf alone. All you need to create a game using the app and let others join you. Click here to find out more!

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Happy golfing!

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