To golf clubs, equipment manufacturers/distributors/retailers, associations, retailers, academies, driving range operators, social golf clubs, booking apps, discount cards, and anyone else in the golf industry: You may have heard, or may not have heard, but the Deemples golf app has been around for about just over a year now. But if you haven’t, that’s what this note is for, and hope it reaches you!

Story time

My name is David and at 25 years old, I thought of picking golf up as I thought it’ll be useful later on in my career. I tried to get some friends to pick it up with me but only managed to get a handful of them to try. The 4 of us went to the driving range a few times and I started loving it, got a coach, and improved! My friends however didn’t progress as fast and eventually didn’t want to play anymore, and I was stuck not having anyone to golf with. It was easy for me to walk away from golf and just do the activities that my other friends were into, then golf would have lost another player, but I was adamant to continue golfing. 9 years later today, I have a bunch of friends who golf, and am in a dozen or so golf groups, but the same problem still persists: My friends can’t golf whenever I want to golf. When that happens, then I can’t golf and that sucks. I realised that’s not only to my detriment but also to the detriment of the golf industry as they lose my round of golf. I tried looking for a solution online where I can just join games posted online, or create a game and let others join me, but couldn’t find it. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and after about 2 years of finding a team to materialise it, Deemples was born.


How golfers use Deemples

Golfers today from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Brunei download the app from the App Store or Google Play, register for free, and start joining available games on the app, or create their game and let others join them. Once they get together, they will then give a call to the club directly to book the flight(s), go through their respective agents, or book through any online golf booking platform. There is no charge for both golfers and golf clubs to use the app. In fact your club is already listed in the Deemples app. We realised that there are 2 barriers that stop golfers from golfing:

  • Moneys
  • Buddies

And since we can’t help with the money part, we wanted to make sure that golfers always have buddies to golf with regardless if their friends can make it or not. Since we launched Deemples, we have helped golfers play thousands of rounds of golf, and will continue to do so in more countries.


The future of golf

There is a higher distribution of golfers at the 40 and above age group, and only 1% of the population that plays golf. With technology habits changing, Deemples is geared to help existing golfers golf whenever their friends can’t make it, and new golfers who will turn 40 in 10-20 years time get into the game, hopefully eventually increasing that 1% to 2%. One day we will all be able to pick up our devices, get a game going with other golfers who are available, register and pay for the game, show up at the golf course and just rock up straight to the tee box with the digital boarding pass for the starter to verify, anywhere in the world.


How you can help

Most of our objectives are to grow rounds. More rounds = more equipment sold, more lessons needed, more balls practiced at the driving range, more bookings on the cards and booking apps, Deemples objectives are exactly the same too. What some golf clubs, retailers, brands, and driving ranges have been doing is printing banners to place at their facility/club house to share the Deemples app with their members/guests, so that they too can golf whenever they want to even when their friends can’t golf. Take a look at our Facebook page at, and Instagram account at @deemplesgolfapp, for reference. If you’re keen, we’re happy to design something specific for your club/brand that you can print, and put up at the clubhouse, golfer terrace, starter, bag drop, registration counter, buggy station, locker rooms, notice boards, social media etc. To make the designs nice, do share over your club logo, so that we can incorporate it into the artwork.


If you’re keen to help

  • Email me at, so that I know who I’m speaking with.
  • Share your club logo in AI format, so that we can design some online and offline materials for you.

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