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Weird Facts About Golf

20 January 2021

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Whether you are interested in golf or not, we all know that golf is a game where a player needs to hit the ball into different holes. This game requires a lot of patience, passion and time. We all know the basics, right? But there are some Weird Facts About Golf, you may find fascinating.

We at Deemples want to share some crazy weird facts about golf with you. Just hang tight and read the whole thing.

#1) Golf on the Moon


Yes! You read it right. Golf was actually played on the moon. It is in-fact one of the sports which can be played outside the world. In 1971 an astronaut named Alan Shepard swung a one handed shot with his six-iron, with all the pressure his suit could carry.

#2) Golf was Banned

Golf was actually banned throughout Scotland in 1400 by the parliament. Because according to them it hampered the military training around the neighbourhood. 

#3) Naked Golf Course


La Jenny was the first ever naked golf course, Established in France. It may sound unbelievable But there are people who like to play golf naked. These people are known as ‘Naturist’.

#4) Little Golfer


If you’re thinking golf is not a cup of tea for five years old, then probably
you don’t know about Cosby Orr. In 1975 he was the youngest golfer to shoot a hole-in-one and made a record.

#5) Truth about Phil Mickelson


Did you know that the famous left handed 4-time major champion Phil Mickelson has a secret? Apparently, he was born right-handed! He just followed his father’s left-handed swings when he was a child and continued doing so.

#6) The Highest Golf Course


Ever wondered where the highest golf course is in the world? Yak golf course holds the Guinness World record for the highest golf course. It is about 13,025 feet above the sea level in the Himalayas, East Sikkim, India.

#7) Feather Balls


Balls were first introduced around 16th century. Until 17th century golfers used to play golf with balls made out of wood. Up until 1848 people used ‘Feather Balls’ which were made out of stuffed goose feathers. Basically they used leather sack for the structure of the ball and filled the sack with boiled goose feather, stitched it up, and then painted it.


Golf is interesting, isn’t it? After knowing all these weird facts about golf, are you thinking of starting to golf? If so, don’t worry just let Deemples help you find golf buddies. Create your own game using Deemples and let others join you!

Do you know any other weird facts about golf? Comment below!!!

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